Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pinky Tries It: Faking Perfect Skin!

Pinky McLadybits

I don't recall how I came across it, but I found a link to a site that said I could fake flawless skin. That sounded like something I needed to know how to do, I tell you that right now. My skin tends to be flaky and oily at the same time. It also likes to get splotchy in the summertime, which is sexy as ALL HELL.

So I thought I would try out this flawless skin trick at YouBeauty and let you all know how it worked out for me.

For clarity's sake, here I am without makeup faking flawless skin:

The first step was just to have a clean, smooth face. For me, this means I washed my face normally with oil-cleansing method. (I have a mixture of about 20% castor oil and 80% sunflower oil that I use.) Then, following the article's instructions, I used my homemade lemon sugar scrub to exfoliate the dead skin from my face. I was quite  gentle with the circular motions I used and then rinsed off the scrub with a warm washcloth. Then I applied the same moisturizer I use daily, which is coconut oil. So if you were wondering, we really do use the things we review for you!

My skin was indeed smooth, so I moved on to the preparation makeup. I used Arbonne Primer all over my face and allowed it to dry. Then I went ahead and curled my eyelashes with my e.l.f. Essentials Mechanical Eyelash Curler. I usually use my Maybelline foundation, but the article clearly says to use a liquid foundation. So I pulled out my Cover Girl Clean Makeup for Sensitive Skin, which I haven't really used much. Luckily, it went on evenly and blended a lot better since I used my e.l.f. foundation brush.

After my foundation was dry, I used Arbonne Sheer Glow Highliter in the corners of my eyes, on my cheekbones and brow bones. The next step calls for blush, but I don't own any blush. I have never been able to find a blush that didn't make me feel like a streetwalker. From an 80s movie. So I skipped that part and moved on to using the Arbonne Bronzer, and Arbonne Bronzer brush, from temple to cheekbone. I finished my foundation with Arbonne correcting powder to help counteract any remaining redness and to set my makeup in place.

Though the article doesn't say anything about using eye primer, I used e.l.f. eyeshadow primer anyway. I applied my Benefit They're Real Mascara and then chose a light, shimmery shadow from my e.l.f. Beauty Encyclopedia Smoky Eyes before applying Avon glimmersticks black eyeliner. I finished the look off with Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment. And this is what I had:

It looked pretty flawless, though clearly achieved with makeup. I'm alright with that. It was a light enough look that I didn't seem out of place shopping at Jungle Jim's and would work with some more dramatic eyes and darker lip if I was going out. It was easy to do and I used products that I already had on hand. Win - win!

Rating:  8/8 tentacles

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