Monday, March 11, 2013

Now It's Time To Say Goodbye, Hot Inkers.

I had an idea to start a beauty review blog with other women whose opinions I trusted. I wanted to share that with other people and see where it took us. I was so surprised when we celebrated one year of posts; when we were mentioned by the businesses and companies we reviewed; and when we scored free stuff for reviews! When our mental horses were fresh, we had a hell of a lot of fun with this project.

1020 posts later, the times have changed for a lot of us - I've moved on to writing trade news posts for Pajiba under my real name. Lainey, Dixie, Metric Jenn, Vee, Rusty, Figgy, Park, Nora, Boo, Mel Biv Devoe and Modern Replica have all chosen to pursue new interests. Hot Ink just isn't our biggest passion anymore - it's time to close it down. We had a great time crafting our reviews and link posts for our friends and readership, and we're grateful you've come along with us. 

Thank you!
~Pinky McLadybits

I loved to chew the fat with you folks, and listen to all your dirty jokes - I'm so grateful for these friends I did receive!
~Modern Replica

It's been a slice...of my fragile little mind!

So long, and thanks for all the fun.

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night! I hate to go and leave this pretty site! (See what I did there?) Seriously, it has been a privilege to write for you all. Thanks for supporting us in our endeavor here. 
~ Dixie

Monday, February 11, 2013

Wake Me Up When It's Spring, Please


I bet many of you were hibernating during Winter Storm Nemo, though probably not by choice.  Storms like that are precisely why we moved south, although I do miss the joy of a good snow day every now and then.  Check out the snowfall totals and pics of the storm here.  (USA Today)

Pinky shared this link recently and I think it's worthy of passing on.  If you've ever wanted to volunteer your time but feel you don't have much to give, this site is perfect for you - it lists "microvolunteering" ideas that you can do from home.  (Help From Home)

I knew Lay's was holding a contest to create a new flavor of potato chip, but I didn't realize they'd started making the finalists already.  Here are three flavors that have already hit some shelves around the country.  I will just stick to the salt & vinegar chips, thanks.  (Laughing Squid)

Here's some macabre (and expensive) bling, just in time for Valentine's Day.  I dig it.  But do the joints move or do you have to hold your hand like that while you wear it?  (Geeks Are Sexy)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

How Do I Love Thee Craft Projects, Let Me Count They Ways


I love lists.  Top ten movies, to do's, reasons to give high fives (I'm with Barney of HIMYM, consolation fives should be a thing).  However, there is no list I like better then a list of different cool things you can do with a simple object.

The focus of today's links are folks that are not so much crafters, but magicians, transforming things in front of your eyes into things you never even dreamed of.  Well, maybe you dreamed of it, maybe you have very crafty dreams.  But still, these folks are impressive.

Oh and there's some cute Valentine's day ideas and life hacks thrown in, because I think you're swell.

35 ways to wear a scarf.  I may never wear a shirt as a shirt again. (Knot Just a Scarf)

Kickstart My Heart: We Love The Cast Of Kings Podcast, But It Needs Your Help!

The Cast of Kings Podcast Kickstarter needs your help, loyal readers! Our friend Joanna is involved in this awesome FREE recap of "A Game of Thrones", but making podcasts can be time-consuming and expensive. In order to bring you another year of Joanna and her partner Dave talking theories, Lannisters, Starks, grumkins, and how Jon Snow knows nothing, they need some funds. Even just a few pieces of silver will be welcome! Let's help Joanna and Dave keep their podcast going, for the night is dark and full of terrors.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Living Proof Full Root Lifting Spray: Get Back to the Lab, And See What's on the Slab


Countless ladies with hair on their head, be it curly or straight, want to achieve the perfect balance of healthy, full hair. Some of us may not wish to or even have the time to spend doing our hair, so it remains a wish released into the mirror. Others, like me, try in vain every miracle product they come across in the hopes that it will provide enough volume to avoid sad limp hair, but not so much volume that Kelly LeBrock travels forward in time to hand us a brush and tell us to tone down the mane already. So it was with the Living Proof Full Root Lifting Spray, all I wanted was some volume at my roots.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Aveeno Body Wash: Energize Me So I Don't Feel Like Murdering Everyone At Work, Please.

Metric Jenn

It is the middle of winter, I have no vacation time left, and there is no winter sojourn down to Mexico in my future. My patience with everything and everyone is at an end, and it's a virtual Herculean Feat to get myself out of bed in the morning to go to work. Generally, I need SOMETHING new to motivate me, or just give me that little boost in the morning that isn't a ninth cup of coffee or meth-amphetamines. And so I turned to Aveeno for some help. I picked up the Energizing Body Wash with lemongrass, rosemary, and mint at Safeway about three weeks ago.  I paid 7.99$ for a 16 oz bottle, a bit on the more expensive side for body washes. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Sunday is Over, Here Comes Hangover Monday


How about that major sporting event yesterday, huh?  Both, that one team had such an amazing play!  Ok, fine, I only watched the Super Bowl for the halftime show and the commercials.  I spent most of Sunday lying on the couch and watching a "Bring It On" marathon instead.  Try to contain your jealousy.

The biggest news of the night, according to Twitter, was the power outage that derailed the third quarter of the game.  Here are the best tweets of the night - my faves are from Neil deGrasse Tyson.  (BuzzFeed)

Lenny Kravitz was in New Orleans recently (for the big game, perhaps?) when he heard a choir performing one of his biggest hits.  What he did next definitely made their day.  (

Forget flamingos and gnomes - dinosaurs are the cool new lawn ornaments.  Check out Dug the T-Rex - he even likes to dress up for the holidays.  (HuffPo)