Monday, February 13, 2012

e.l.f. The Beauty Encyclopedia of Smoky Eyes: Buy Me A Drink?

Pinky McLadybits

I think any regular readers that we might have already know that I am woefully untalented when it comes to makeup application. You saw the whore-colored lipstick. Read about my fiasco with Benefit Brow Zings. You discovered that I'm unable to apply Sally Hansen nail strips properly. In short, I'm fancy in the brain.

Lucky for me and those that have to look at me for any period of time, e.l.f. makes Beauty Encyclopedias. I, of course, got this particular Beauty Encyclopedia from Target and I got it on clearance. I'm predictable that way. I chose the Smoky Edition because that is a look I've attempted and never mastered. I hoped that the palette and directions would help me out.

It was amazingly simple and quick to follow the directions with the kit! I even used the cheap little sponge applicators that came with the kit instead of my full-size brushes and tools and still got a really great result. I did one eye in dark greens and the other eye in blacks and grays and ended up with this:

I didn't look like a raccoon or a dirty vampire hooker. I was very pleased. Just as pleasing was the $3 price tag for 12 shadows, an eyeliner pencil, the applicator, tiny mirror, and illustrated directions to Smoky Eye perfection!

The illustrations were great for me since I need visual and the worded instructions or else my brain no thinky. You could mix and match the colors as you want, but I sort of used each row of three together. It's up to you and how you want the eyes to look, really.

If I were actually leaving the house with this look, I would use my brushes and tools to have better blending and such, but this is pretty great too. e.l.f. blows us away once again, proving that great beauty products don't need to cost more than new shoes.

Rating: 8/8 tentacles


  1. Y'all introduced me to e.l.f. with their Pixie Eye Bright kit and I've been an addict ever since. I'll have to pick this up to go with that kit, my two other eye shadows, tinted moisturizer, and make up remover cloths. :-)

  2. I avoid black in all forms when I'm trying to do a smoky eye for the very same cited "racoon/vampire hooker" problem. I found browns did wonders for my eyes. :3

  3. Oh man, stop fueling my e.l.f. and eyeshadow addiction! I know you've seen my sad attempt at smoky eye, now I wanna run out and get this RIGHT NOW