Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub: The Crafty Scientist Makes My Legs Happy! Wait...

Pinky McLadybits

Image via The Crafty Scientist
You may not realize this, but I'm sort of a crafty bitch. I make my own cross-stitch patterns, stitch them, attempt to sell them, and I'll try most crafts. Most. On Christmas Day, I was waiting for my parents to come over when I decided to find a recipe for some Lemon Sugar Scrub. I headed to The Crafty Scientist and found something quick, easy, and easily created from my limited resources.

I cleaned a glass jar, wrapped it with a ribbon and did the best I could with a labelmaker. I then presented it to my Mom, to her delight. Even better, this recipe makes so much Lemon Sugar Scrub that I was able to keep a small container for myself.

After placing the scrub in my shower, I finally remembered it was there and decided to use it on my legs about two days ago. I've been busy, okay? I took a small scoop of the Lemon Sugar Scrub and massaged it into each leg. Then I used the shower head sprayer to rinse all the sugar off. I was left with just a touch of oil on my legs, making shaving easy.

Of course, I was shaving off not just hair but also dead skin cells that I had sloughed off, so I had to use the shower stream to clean the razor in between passes on my legs. I was also able to shave without using any shaving cream or bath wash on my legs. I was left with really soft legs that I slathered in lotion and presented to my husband. He was pleased.

This morning, I even used a tiny bit of the scrub on my face. I know, I know. But I used small amounts, rubbed very gently, and then used a moist cloth to remove the sugar from my face. I applied a small dot of my face moisturizer and went about my day. My face was red for a bit, but it has settled down into something soft and free of flakes. Is nice!

As I said, the scrub is very simple to make. You only need a few things: olive oil, lemon juice, sugar, and a container with a tight lid. The smell of the lemon is either nonexistent or just so faint that I can't detect it, which is nice. I don't want lemon smell coming off of me like I could be used to polish your floor. That's weird.

I highly recommend giving this scrub a try. Mix up a batch for yourself!

Rating: 8/8 tentacles


  1. Sounds amazing! I'll have to remember to use this before, not after I shave.

  2. I'm so glad you like the scrub! I'm totally flattered you read my blog and liked this and featured it! Thanks so much! : )

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist

  3. You are so welcome! You have an amazing blog ;)

  4. Funny you re-mentioned it - I bookmarked this (and the comic-book shoes) page in the hope that one day, I *will* get crafty.
    Hey, you never know.
    Thank you ladies for taking one (or several) for the team every day!