Friday, August 10, 2012

Curl Up and Dye: L'Oreal's Excellence Creme


After a several months long break from dying my hair, I decided to give it a shot again because I had some stuff coming up for which having distinctly two tone hair seemed like a poor choice. (Although that’s sort of “in” now, isn’t it? Well, whatever.) I decided to try a new hair dye this time around and so instead of the Feria dye that I’d been using, I picked up L’Oreal’s Excellence Creme in 8RB.

The first thing I noticed as I was reading through the instructions was that the box included some things I’d never seen before in my years of home hair dying; a comb tip for the dye bottle and a pre-treatment for dry or damaged hair that you were supposed to apply to your hair before you put the dye on. I put the pre-treatment on the ends of my hair, which are prone to dryness and set about mixing up the dye. 

The dye mixed up like any other home dye, add tube B to bottle A and shake with your gloves on and covering the open tip of the bottle. After the dye was mixed I put on the comb tip, since it seemed an easier way to apply the dye that the regular tip. And it did make getting the cream through my hair easier. More dye came out of the bottle and it was easier to get it all the way down my hair. The dye was thick enough, as television ads promised, that I was able to mash my hair up together and the dye held it all in place while I waited for it to set. I didn’t get complete coverage even with the comb tip, but I’m more than willing to chalk that up to user error. The dye rinsed out well, and the conditioner that came with the dye was very thick and made my hair feel like it hadn’t just been assaulted by chemicals. 

The one fault I found with this dye was the smell. It had a much stronger smell than other dyes I’ve used, and where some of them had a small container of oil or other scent to help mask the chemical dye smell, this didn’t and the smell was very powerful. If you don’t have a well vented bathroom, I would not recommend this dye. 
L’Oreal’s Excellence Creme is a hair dye that comes with some extra tools that make dying your hair easier, but it has a very strong smell to it that might not work for people with sensitive noses or with small bathrooms. I rate it a 6 out of 8. 

Rating: 6/8 tentacles

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