Monday, January 2, 2012

Féria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Colour - Metric Jenn Dyes Her Hair the Old-Fashioned Way

Metric Jenn

Merry post-holiday over-binging guilt, everyone! Metric Jenn here to take your mind off of your aching gut and focus it on the trials and tribulations of dying one's hair the old-fashioned way: mixing chemicals in a squeeze tube and ruining a shirt (also due to a rogue squirt, a square of parquet flooring and my white bathroom door).

Now you're all probably thinking that because of this opening that I'm going to rag on this product...well stay tuned, dear reader, because I'm giving this product a fair shake despite my clumsiness during application.

'Twas the Saturday before Christmas, when all through Jenn's hair, were split-ends and old dye jobs ruining her flair.  Anyhow, with my office party approaching, I needed a quick fix. My hair was feeling thin, greasy, straggley, and really didn't do anything for my complexion. In other words, it looked like this:
I wanted to go darker, because it really brings out my green eyes, plus I was wearing a sari to the Xmas party in solidarity with my lovely co-worker, Tahira. And if I was going to blatantly usurp a culture's clothing style, the least I could do was not look like a crazy homeless person all the while. So I zipped over to Shopper's Drug Mart and grabbed a random hair dye off the shelf that was under 10$. I ended up with Féria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Colour in Deep Bronzed Brown

After the above-mentioned shenanigans with the mixing of chemicals and a rogue tube squirt, I ended up with this:
Shockingly close to the colour that was shown on the box! Plus I ended up with softer hair, which is weird considering I used chemicals on it, but I'm going with it. It does say that there are 3X Highlights that make the dye "multi-faceted". I'm not convinced of that, but I can't complain too much because it is a nice colour. My one issue is more with how long it's supposed to last. 4-6 weeks is what the box says. It's been 3, and I can see a distinct difference/fading. So that is less than impressive.

What's my verdict, you ask? Well, for the low price and end result, with very little complaints in between, save for the colour actually fading too quickly...I honour this product with 6/8 Tentacles.

Rating: 6/8 Tentacles

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  1. Jenn, don't forget you can buy their awesome conditioner from Sally's! That's what makes your hair so soft: