Friday, June 15, 2012

Splat Washables Hair Color: No Commitment, No Problem

Pinky McLadybits

Pinky Jr. decided that she wanted purple and pink hair. Being 7 years old, I wasn't about to bleach her hair and then apply the colors that she wanted, which took care of a few options. Also, her hair is red like mine, which means it can be difficult to get a big color change to show up.

Or at least, that was the problem when I wanted purple hair. Since I was already at an appointment with my stylist at Ulta, I asked her what she recommended. She told me that there were washable pens, but they didn't carry them. But CVS had Splat Washables haircolor in purple, pink, blue, and dark red. Since they were $6.84 a box and I wasn't sure if they would work, Pinky Jr. had to choose and she went with purple.

After lunch, I read the directions on the box. Basically, you take dry hair and apply product from a tube. If you want to dye all of the hair then you can disregard the mascara brush-looking applicator. We were not doing all over purple. So I used the brush. I grabbed my own gloves for application and sectioned off Pinky Jr.'s hair.

It was simple to squeeze a bit of color, which was bright purple, onto the brush and then apply it. I'm not good at getting roots, which is why I decided to pull back some of her top hair and color the next layer of hair in four chunks. This way, you can see purple peeking out and she has some awesome purple showing when I pull her hair back, but I'm not obsessing about the roots. 

I got four good chunks of hair purple and I still have enough left in the tube to re-apply when this washes out. You can use a hair dryer to move along the drying time, but Pinky Jr. hates hair dryers with a passion. Air dry it is! The color shows up quite well on her hair, which was surprising. I bet the pink would be crazy awesome looking. 

The dye is, indeed, washable. The comb I used was purple when I got done and it cleaned up easily with hand soap and warm water. Splat Washables was an easy and fun way to give her purple hair without ruining her hair or blasting her scalp full of chemicals. Alas, the color was nearly gone when Pinky Jr. awoke the day after her purpling. I was relieved to find that the purple hadn't migrated to her pillow while she was sleeping, but I have no idea where the bright color went. It changed to a muted, muddy purple and blended into her hair. Oh well! It's still great for a temporary color for kids.

Rating: 5/8 tentacles

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