Friday, August 3, 2012

Cargo Bronzer: It Gets the Job Done-Kind of Like Cargo Shorts.

Metric Jenn

Hej! Glad att skriva för er alla igen! That means "Hello! Glad to be writing for you all again!" in Swedish. I've been slowly learning Swedish for the past year, and I still don't have the proper sentence structure down. And now you all are probably wondering WHY the hell would I be telling you this completely un-related story instead of talking about the Cargo bronzer I tried out. Well, to tell you the absolute truth? I don't have that much to really SAY about it that doesn't have a "meh" tone to it.

Keep reading, though, because of course my reviews are terribly amusing and worth it in the end.

Here's a bit of truth about this entire review for you, my darling readers: It took me over 2 weeks to write this review. It was swilling around in my head for ages, but I was so apathetic about the product that I had an AMAZING amount of trouble even motivating myself to begin this review! Can you imagine? A deadline to write about this product, and I just did not CARE about this product to the point where Pinky, Madam Editor, was all like: "Hey, don't mean to bug you, but do you have a review??" And I was all like "I DO, I SWEAR, BUT IT'S SO HARD TO WRITE ABOUT A PRODUCT THAT IS BLERGH." onto the product itself. Cargo Light Bronzer: it's used to give your complexion a bit of colour after using cover-up, or if you're super pale like me in the winter, or as a blush replacement, or even for highlighting your cheek bones. So yes, it is kind of a jack-of-all trades kind of product. That's in the plus column.

The negative? I noticed that it does have sparkles, and if you accidentally used too much? "Hello, whore! Which street corner are you working tonight?"
OR!!! OR!!! "Are you a tanned sparkley vampire?" Hahaha - I'm so damn hilarious.
Cargo is sold at a variety of places, I recall getting mine at Sephora, but when I search for it now I can't seem to find it...never the less, Cargo does have their own website that you can order it from. At a price of $29, it does last for a very long time, yet I'm not entirely sure it's worth it.

Cargo is a Canadian product, and I feel like I should be all supportive and be a shill for them...but I just can't. I'm not saying this is a BAD product, but it speaks volumes that I have had the bronzer for a loooong time, rarely use it, can't think of much to say about it, and think that $29 is a bit on the excessive side. And this is coming from a girl that just spent 58$ on 2 tubes of Dior lip gloss!

The price and few places to find it outweighs the usefulness of this product. Sorry, Cargo. I wanted to love you. I just can't right now.


Rating: 2/8 Tentacles

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