Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Neutrogena's 3-in-1 Concealer for Eyes: 2 Out of 3 Ain't Bad, But 1 Out of 3 Is


I have a hell of a time finding concealer for the dark circles under my eyes. No matter how much sleep I get, the puffy skin under my eyes makes me look like I haven’t slept in weeks, so I’m constantly trying to find something to smooth out and brighten the area.

Unfortunately, due to my incredible lack of makeup skills combined with my inability to find the perfect shade of concealer, this means that I’ve spent most of my days looking like a reverse raccoon, with half-moons of too-light makeup smeared under my eyes.

In my latest search for the perfect concealer, I came across Neutrogena’s 3-in-1 Concealer for Eyes . The product claims to not only conceal dark circles with “blendable coverage” but also to soothe puffiness with aloe and green tea as well as provide protection from sun damage with SPF 20. So did it measure up to those claims and hide my dark circles?

Well, first of all, I suppose the concealer is “blendable” but it’s not really spreadable. It’s rather thick and doesn’t apply as smoothly as other more liquid concealers do. That’s a mixed blessing, though, because that prevents you from just slathering it on and coating the under eye/upper cheek area like I used to do. 

Secondly, I haven’t noticed any change in puffiness, so I don’t think the botanical ingredients are really doing their job. And I can’t really claim that the SPF 20 is or isn’t doing its job right now, but I’d like to think that in a few years I’ll be thankful that I used a product that could protect me from sun damage on my face. It’s a good thing for makeup to include, and you'll be happy when you're 50 and your skin doesn’t look like freckled leather. And for those of you who have sensitive skin or eyes, you’ll be pleased to know that the concealer is dermatologist developed and is safe for those who wear contacts lens.

But the most important thing of all – did it conceal my dark circles? The answer, unfortunately, is no. As thick as the concealer is, it’s not enough. And it doesn’t last all day, so by midday the dark circles are out in full force. Sigh. Looks like I’m back on the hunt for a good concealer. I’m bummed that I spent $9 on a tiny little 0.37 ounce tube of useless goop – well, useless beyond the SPF 20 protection.

I give the 3-in-1 concealer a 2 out of 8 tentacles. You can find it for around $9 wherever Neutrogena makeup is sold, like in store at Target or online from Drugstore.com. But I'd save my money if I were you.

Rating: 2/8 tentacles

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