Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Terressentials Organic Flower Therapy Detoxifying Facial Cleanser


For some time now, I have felt that my skin has been wrongly placed on me. See, despite claims to the contrary, I am not high maintenance nor am I a diva. My skin, however, feels that I am. Why do I make this assertion? Well, if I merely think about switching from one product to another or using anything with more than a basic cleanser, my skin throws a hissy fit. It gets dry in some places, oily in others, and breaks out in red blemishes. So as with most divas, I find myself giving in to it and just giving it what it wants.

What my skin wants is very simple, and of course, not accessible in my local health food store. Believe me, I've tried nearly every cleanser that both health food stores near me stock. My skin does not like them. They're too complicated, they have baggage. Paradoxically, my diva skin wants something simple - organic olive oil castile soap spruced up with essential oils. And in typing that sentence, I just realized that my skin is not only a hippie like the rest of me, but it's an old world hippie. Guh. Diva.

Anyhow, the dearth of very simple facial cleansers is surprising. Bar soaps are normally easy to find, but tell my facial skin to try a bar soap and it will show you the full force of it's red blotchy fury. Gel or liquid cleansers are significantly harder to find. I believe I talked about my desperate online search for facial products in my review of the moisturizer that I use. Long story short, I used to suffer from a mild coconut allergy brought on by circumstances that I have not yet figured out. This allergy led me to explore skincare options that I wouldn't have previously considered. 

Oddly, I learned about this particular option from Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs. Really, that's the best way to learn about something, right? In Season 3 of Dirty Jobs during the episode Animal Barber, Mike Rowe visited Terressentials to learn about their hair cleansers that are made from mud. So, in browsing the site, I came across the Organic Flower Therapy Detoxifying Facial Cleanser. And my heart lept for joy. A coconut-free cleanser with ingredients I can actually pronounce?! I'll take two! Actually, I did take two - one for my sink and one for the shower.

And I'm so glad I did. I've used it continuously for nearly three years now and there is nothing like it. I even tried using the tea tree bar from my beloved Getaguru and it just wasn't the same. Once my skin got used to the Terressentials Organic Flower Therapy Detoxifying Facial Cleanser, I had no breakouts. I mean, sure, I started to get the hormonal breakouts that all women get but the Detoxifying Facial Cleanser destroyed them before they could really take hold without destroying the rest of my skin in the process. Wonder of wonders.

I will say this, though. When you first start using the Detoxifying Facial Cleanser, you may notice that you're breaking out. And you might for the first few weeks. But if you look closer, you may realize that what is actually happening is that all of the blemishes that have been hanging out under the surface of your skin, waiting to ruin your date night, are coming to the top. That's exactly what happened with my skin. The wonderful thing about this cleanser is that it makes all that stuff go away very quickly and any subsequent blemishes are banished within a couple days as well. With ingredients like organic essential oils of lavender, sweet orange, and ylang ylang, this cleanser unleashes a full out assault on the bacteria that cause breakouts, but it balances the attack out with aloe vera and olive oil. Basically, skin - happy, blemish-causing bacteria - dead. Really, what more can you ask for in a cleanser?

Without this the existence of the Organic Flower Therapy Detoxifying Facial Cleanser, I would still be trudging along in my quest for the perfect facial cleanser. So, I'm going to give it a high rating - 7/8 tentacles to be exact. The only reason I'm deducting a tentacle is because of the price - it's $17.85 for a 4 ounce bottle that tends to go quickly. It's a fair price per bottle, but the ouch factor comes with how often I have to repurchase, each bottle only lasts a couple of months. However, if you are struggling to find a natural facial cleanser or are looking to make the switch from traditional to natural, then don't let the price stop you. Scrape your pennies together and buy this one, it's available only through the Terressentials website. Trust me.

Rating: 7/8 tentacles

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  1. I recently just tried this and it it seriously is amaaaziingggggggg