Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ancient Mediterranean Secret: Getaguru Handmade Soap


You may remember my disastrous trial of the Kiss My Face soap. In my review I mentioned that I don't have a local soap maker that makes olive oil soap. Well, I still don't, but I do have the next best thing - one that ships by mail! Ah, the wonders of the Internet.

When I first came across Getaguru Handmade Soap in Tarpon Springs, Florida I contented myself by stocking up on soap every time we visited. Since my little Sprout came along, though, we haven't traveled down to Tarpon Springs to much. Imagine my delight when I realized (duh) that Getaguru has a nice website from which you can order their awesome soap!

Olive oil is well-known in the Mediterranean, Middle East, and, now, all over the world for it's moisturizing and healing properties, so naturally an olive oil soap is excellent for your skin. However, the difference lies in the quality of the oil. Shitty oil produces shitty results, as I noted in my review of The-Soap-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named(-Anymore). High quality organic oil produces highly satisfying results in the form of soft, moisturized skin.

Getaguru Handmade Soap has never, ever left me dissatisfied. My skin is sensitive and will break out at the barest whiff of something different; so far I have used ten of their twenty different varieties of basic olive oil soap and they are all wonderful. They smell wonderful, they look wonderful, they leave my skin nice, soft, and breakout-free. Hell, they're even mild enough that I use one of their plain olive oils bars to bathe my little Sprout. Right now my flavor of the moment is the ginger-bergamot scent. I want to make tea with it. Man, it smells so good.

If you happen to live in or be visiting Tarpon Springs, FL, get thee to 777 Dodecanese Blvd and buy the first bar of soap you lay your hands on. And, while you're at it, by the second and third bars of soap you lay your hands on. The bars of soap run $5 for a small bar, $7 for a medium bar, and $9 for a large bar. However, if you are buying through the Getaguru website and want the best deal, you can buy a one pound block for $19.75. Normally, I'll buy a one pound block of one I have used and know that I like and one or two small bars of a variety I haven't tried yet.

A word to the wise about ordering their soap, though - when you receive your bars or blocks they will most likely be fresh. Freshly made soap tends to be soft and therefore you will use it up rather quickly. The older handmade soap gets the harder it becomes, so if you are able to wait a week or so, you will find that your bar lasts a bit longer. I give this soap the full 8 out of 8 clean and well-moisturized tentacles. It's the best!

Rating: 8/8 tentacles

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  1. How do you store it without it melting away?