Thursday, July 26, 2012

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Body Lotion: More Like ORGASMIC.

Metric Jenn

Have you ever walked by something like a BAZILLION times and never really thought much about it? Or thought that it was something totally different from what it actually is? Or thought nothing of it at all? Yeah, those reactions and more were what I had for the longest time about this so-called Organix Hydrating Moroccan Argan Oil body lotion - and to Organix in general.

So of course, after years of dismissal, I picked up the bottle and really examined it. What I read obviously piqued my interest and I bought it, though I have to admit that I was sure it would be Inked and I could get all HULK RAGE SMASH on it.

So imagine my surprise and ragey-disappointment when it turned out, this stuff is pretty damn good. *sigh* Looks like my rage will have to wait for another day.

The store that I shop at (Good ol' Shoppers Drug Mart!) had Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Body Lotion priced at $7.99 for 385ml (which is 13 fl. oz); and given that it's lasted me for over a month, after twice-weekly be-lotionings, I'd say that's excellent.

So the Organix website itself promotes the argan oil lotion as such: "an exclusive moisture lock system made of quickly absorbing Moroccan argan oil to restore skin's elasticity with sugar cane and willow bark..." while going on to claim that it never leaves your skin feeling greasy. I do actually dispute that claim as a girl who tends to get carried away and applies globs of lotion after showers. DO NOT use too much of this body lotion. Go sparingly, because I did find it to be a bit on the oily side and if you use too much? Residue! Don't sit a naked butt down on your nice couch.

I have got to mention the scent, though. I'm not usually one for musky, warm smells, but this lotion is gorgeous. It's not overwhelming, and it truly does have me close my eyes and imagine an incense-infused street in Morocco bustling with people trying to sell me flying rugs.

Give Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Body Lotion a go. My final verdict is Buy It! - It lost 1 tentacle for being slightly hyperbolic about how not greasy it is, when it is a lotion that contains oil.

Rating: 7/8 Tentacles

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  1. I have never tried their lotion - But I have tried their smelled great! I will have to give the lotion a try now! Thanks for the review.

    1. Try it out and report back! I'd like to know if you will have the same opinion as myself :)

  2. I tried this body oil from organix and I developed a really bad skin reaction. The rush stayed for days. Really bad experience. The product might be good and I am the problem.... I don't know. However, let's keep an eye on this. If somebody would like to tried is better to test it in a small and covered part of the body before put it on all the body