Friday, June 8, 2012

Surgi Wax Brow Shapers: I'm Gonna Rip That Hair Right Out By The Root!

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My eyebrows were getting crazy, y'll. Tweezing is always an option, but my bangs tend to cover my brows which causes me to forget they need dealt with until I apply makeup or something. At that point, I don't want the angry red welts above and below my brows. (Yes, I know that you really aren't supposed to pluck above your brows. I do what I want.)

Whilst browsing ULTA, I noticed Surgi Wax Brow Shapers. For Brows. They were $4.99 and boasted 28 applications. That sounded promising. If they failed, well, thank the God of Hair for bangs.

The Surgi Wax Brow Shapers look like clear plastic strips with bumps in them. Like, not lumpy. Curved! That's the word! They are curved. This is already an advantage over other wax strips that are either straight across or just lumps of wax situated in the middle of the strip. However, they still aren't shaped like my brows. Or at least not like they are when I have been forsaken in my Brow Rehab. (That's a whole other story. Of poor customer service.)

Regardless of the shape, these strips are easy to work with. The curve in them makes it fairly simple to place them where you want them without using two or three strategically placed straight strips to do so. You simply make sure that your brow area is free of oils, apply the strip in the direction of hair growth, pull your skin taut, and then rip out your hairs against the hair growth. The strips pulled out lots of tiny blonde hairs I would have missed tweezing and snatched the rest of the hairs up like a dream.

That isn't to say that all of the hairs came in one go. No, hairs are stubborn. There are four sheets of strips with fourteen on each sheet (the manufacturer clearly counts each set of upper and lower strips as an application). I used all but three or four of the strips on one sheet. Then I cleaned up the area with tweezers, which was quick work since only a few stray hairs were left. Ta da! All done!

I didn't need to mess with microwaving wax for well longer than the instructions claimed. No stirring, no racing against the clock to beat the cooling of the wax before I could even get it on the brow area. No warming the strips between my hands before application. Surgi Wax Brow Shapers are just simple and workable.

Rating: 7/8 tentacles

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