Thursday, February 9, 2012

Benefit Brow Zings: I'm No Expert

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Brow Zings would be one of the treasures I left my first Benefit Brow Bar with a few weeks ago. Paige, the Brow Bar Guru, used the zings kit to shape and fill in my sparse brows. I was amazed at how easy she was able to use this small kit to create gorgeous brows where there had only been sparse sadness.

It was like turning a crack den into a school for underprivileged children where they would get to learn and ride on unicorns while earning money to help their families and earning college credit, y'all. IT WAS MAGICAL. Unfortunately, my being able to recreate the fantastic brows with the kit is an entirely different story.

Do you remember Cheri Oteri on Saturday Night Live? Specifically, do you remember this character she did:

Yeah, that's how I thought I looked after attempting to use the Brow Zings on my own.

There is a square of brow wax and one of brow powder in the Zings kit. There were also two tiny brushes and a tiny pair of tweezers. I was not very proficient with either of those tiny brushes. I valiantly attempted to connect the sparse hairs of my brows into a pleasing shape with the brow wax. I felt like I was getting all chola up on my forehead. Then I attempted to use the brow powder to even things out. It was not good. It was bad. So bad. So ugly. I chose to go out in public with undone brows rather than with the ones I had scrawled on.

Thank Jebus for cute bangs.

When I returned to Paige, my Benefit Brow Expert, I told her that I was a total klutz with the Brow Zings kit. She told me that a longer brush would be easier to work with so she would watch me as I attempted to use the brush that she uses. I didn't even get the brow started before she told me that a pencil would be better for me. I was able to trade the Brow Zings for their Instant Brow Pencil.

This isn't to say that Brow Zings are a bad thing. Clearly they are magical in the right hands, but these hands are not that right ones. At $30 they are a bit costly for me, but I was assured that there was enough wax and powder to last me 2 years. That is a great deal. Though this product is definitely not for me, it deserves a lot of praise. Just buy a longer set of brow brushes and have some clue about doing brows before you buy.

Rating: 7/8 tentacles

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  1. I am glad they let you exchange it for something that works for you. I am blessed with lush eyebrows (haha) so I wouldn't have a need for such a product, but I do have a friend who might be interested. I am going to pass on this review.