Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tweezer Pleaser - Tweezerman Slant Tweezers


I am blessed to have my father's eyebrows. In my natural state it looks like two caterpillers crawled across my forehead and stopped right above my eyes (thanks, Dad!). I've plucked, waxed and threaded them down to about half their original glory, but I have a lot of maintenence in the old eyebrow area.

I tried countless drugstore tweezers from Revlon to those knock off cheapies. About 10 years ago I finally bit the bullet and bought the most expensive ones, the $20 Tweezerman Slant Tweezers . Ladies, I've never regreted it. These little guys are my eyebrow tool holy grail.

The tweezers have a sharp slanted edge which makes getting even the finest hairs a breeze. The pointy tip is great for precision and these things stay sharp through a lot of use.

Over the decade I've probably bought 6 pairs of Tweezerman. Recently I bought another pair when the other two I had got dull. Looking over the box I spotted the guarantee that said they sharpen their tools for free, no shipping and handling needed. I boxed my 2 old pairs up and sent a padded mailer with my name address and phone number. It took about 2 months but look what I got in the mail today:

All nice and sharpened.

I'll confess, I get my eyebrows threaded to give them shape (Indian girls know the good eyebrows, yo) but for maintence I use these weekly. I may not always use tweezers, but when I pluck, I use Tweezerman.

8/8 tentacles


  1. I have followed the same path due to my father's generosity. When I bought my first tweezerman tweezers, I was already planning on returning them when they disappointed me. And then they didn't. I now have three strategically located in case of plucking emergencies. And the free sharpening? WIN!


  3. I love my Tweezerman tweezers so much!