Thursday, June 28, 2012

npw Vanilla Fragrance Nail Polish Remover Pads

Pinky McLadybits

You may remember me as the Hot Inker with the nail polish obsession. If not, let me enlighten you! I can't stand the natural look of my nails without polish. I'm a sucker for new colors, especially by O.P.I. when I can rationalize the cost. I like to give the different effects topcoats a go and I like to layer the colors that I have for a new look. I'll even give strips, press-on nails, and glue-on fake nails a go.

I have a problem.

Because of this problem, I need a nail polish remover that will quickly and easily remove all traces of color so I can then start the process all over again. I also need remover that doesn't stink like a chemical factory filled with horse shit, set on fire with wet dog hair, and doused with the piss of a thousand asparagus eaters.

Surprisingly enough, that's a tough thing to find. I've used the e.l.f. Nail Polish Remover Pads and found them to be a mild smell, as long as you don't snort it like a line of Pixie Stick dust. However, they are inexpensive but there were so few of them that the container did not last long. I suppose buying three of the containers for $3 would be better than the regular price of these npa Vanilla Fragrance Nail Polish Remover Pads...

Anyway, I snagged these for 99 cents in Ulta's evil mini displays beside the checkout line. The pads do have a faint vanilla scent, but I do not advise holding them up to a nostril and inhaling, unless you're looking for a way into your very own episode of Intervention. The pads are slightly textured, or at least appear to be as they snag and remove the polish. They are also very oily. I felt like I had dipped my hands in olive oil when I was finished using just one pad.

I'm willing to overlook that to some extent since I was able to successfully remove the polish from my nails with the pads. I did wash my hands immediately after finishing up with the npw Vanilla Fragrance Nail Polish Remover Pads, because the oil icked me out. More importantly, the polish came off with some work and a bit of concentrated scraping with the pads. Back to the oily though, I currently have chipped and ugly polish on because I don't relish the idea of the oil residue, which is my weird hangup.

Overall, these nail pads are a good alternative to the easily shredded cotton ball and liquid remover method and to the remover with the sponge embedded in it. Even at the regular price of $3.99, the 30 pads are still a bargain since you can use both sides without incident. Personally, I'm stuck on the oil, but I'll get over it.

Rating: 6/8 tentacles

You need to know about some nail polishes so you can properly test these pads for yourself. Ulta Salon Formula Lacquer Basecoat and Topcoat, O.P.I. Gone Gonzo, Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips, and Rimmel's Lasting Finish Pro Polish.

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