Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ULTA Salon Formula Lacquer Basecoat & Topcoat: Chip-Killer?

Author: Pinky McLadybits

I've suddenly become obsessed with two things: long-lasting nail polish and cross-stitching. Both of these obsessions come and go for me throughout the year, but this is the first time they've occurred at the same time. The cross-stitch is an easy fix. I create a pattern, grab my thread, get to stitching. The polish that lasts through my cross-stitching, opening pop cans, and doing other daily tasks? Not as easy. Not at all. 

You may remember my previous attempt with NYC topcoat to seal in shine and resist chipping. It didn't work.
I decided that maybe I needed a basecoat, then polish, and then a topcoat. So when I saw the sales at ULTA, I decided to give their store brand basecoat a go. It is regularly $6 a bottle,  but I was able to get the basecoat and the topcoat for $6 total. SCORE!

I removed my very chipped and horrible-looking polish from the NYC debacle and got down to business. The basecoat was easy to apply and it dried quickly, leaving my nails subtly shiny and just a bit smoother while retaining a slight tackiness. If that makes sense. It felt like the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polish that I used went on easier and more evenly, though I might be imagining things. I do that.

I also used the ULTA topcoat. Since doing this, I have cross-stitched, opened things, driven, been to a baby shower, and lots of other things. No chips. I do have a bit of polish loss at the tips of some of my fingers, but you really have to look to see them. It's not enough to worry about at this point, especially since no one has noticed. I'm happy with the results here! YAY!

Rating: 7/8

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