Monday, February 20, 2012

A House of Lies: Rimmel's Lasting Finish Pro Polish


So after many years of trying out all brands and prices, I've come to the conclusion that, by and large, the nail polish industry is full of shit. They all tell you their polishes will last forever, that they won't chip, that they NOW contain 50% pure adamantium duo-cortex DNA complex and so will NEVER fade!

You think I exaggerate? Rimmel's Lasting Finish Pro Polish claims to be "Super durable chip resistant nail lacquer with Shine Release Complex" that will last "Up to 10 Days". Sounds impressive, is actually complete bullshit in reality. It lasted maybe 12 hours before the tops started chipping, and by the next day huge flakes were coming off the sides. Not only that, I also had to apply three coats of polish before the color looked decent and my nails were fully covered. So all the above claims were pretty much all lies.

There are a few of pluses to this line, though, that puts it above some other polishes I've tried recently. The first is that the smell isn't nearly as strong and nose-hair burning as it is in others. My husband usually has to leave the room when I put on polish, but he couldn't even smell this one from a couple of feet away.

The second plus is that the applicator brush is nice and wide, shaped so that it'll flatten out nicely while you apply so that it'll cover your whole nail. Finally, the color was quite gorgeous and shiny (so one of the claims was partly right), a deep cherry red ("Burgundy Flirt", snerk), though again, it took 3 coats for it to look good.

So, it's not a horrible polish, but it's also full of the usual lies. I hate having to shill out money for top coats, but it's something of a necessity with all these products.

I'll give it a 4/8 tentacles. The good parts (smell, color, brush) aren't enough to make up for the bad (chips, weak color, cost).

Rating: 4/8 tentacles


  1. That is so true about these polishes! I bought a red too and almost reviewed it for being crappy but thought that maybe I just got a bad bottle/color.

    Boo Rimmel!

  2. I'd like to add that after trying it two more times, my nails are now super brittle and peeling all over the damn place. Just from wearing this thing. It's awful!

  3. I am so sick of CRAPPY nail polish! I like OPI even though its a touch pricey because it is chip resistant. China glaze sucks. All drug store brands suck. Creative sucks. I do like Orly.