Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lush Lip Scrub: They Smile Real Wide for the Camera Lenses

Metric Jenn

I went on a bit of a Lush kick recently since I was giving it all a second chance after that horrible egg-face-mask travesty from before. I was so filled with apprehension and doubts, and who could blame me? I looked like a freaking leper for Satan's sake! Friends were calling the CDC to report an outbreak of zombieism.
But no more, my pretties. REDEMPTION: LUSH HAZ IT.

Let me set the stage for you. It was my brother's birthday, and I was perusing the mall for a gift for myself. (What? You can't tell me you don't do that, too. One for him, two for me.) I was drawn into Lush by the delicious scents wafting across my nose. Then the nagging thought crossed my mind...I wanted...nay, NEEDED an all natural face mask and other delights.

The sales people were great. I can honestly say that the girls that helped me were nice, not pushy, answered my questions, and listened patiently while I described my struggle with that previous face mask debacle and my miraculous escape from the bowels of the CDC's holding cells.

I was like Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2, but with less amazing arm muscles.

While I was paying for my things, I noticed these 'lip exfoliators' and asked about them. One sales girl let me sample it, and I bought a small jar immediately for $8.95. Basically the exfoliator is small grains of flavoured sugar. No matter, because this product works. It's not harsh, and contains no chemicals. All you do is take a small amount, and gently rub it across your lips. You can lick the excess off. The result? The cracked, dead skin that clung there all winter? Gone. I had soft lips. That didn't look like I had made out with a tree trunk.

I absolutely urge you to go and grab this product. You use little of it, so even if the price seems off-putting, it lasts forever and is good value. Plus it helps that it makes your lips so very...very soft. Your mens will appreciate it. MmmmmHmmmmm.

8/8 Tentacles! I'm buying this forever!


  1. Or you can just...rub some regular sugar and honey on your lips? That shit's like $2 a pound.

    I mean, I'm sure it's nice and all, but that's kind of a ridiculous price to pay for flavored sugar in a can.

  2. i need to try this.
    i live in the uk but theres a lush store near me and im going to get the bubblegum one!
    whenever i try to make lip scrub it kinda... doesnt work.

    please visit and comment on my blog.