Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Little Bit Louder Now: Pump It Up Lip Gloss


Lip plumping glosses and I have a long and tortured history. While my lips aren’t exactly thin, my upper lip has a tendency to get lost in pictures if my face is angled down and I’ve always been a fan of big pillow lips like those of Angelina Jolie or Kerry Washington.  While I know that no topical products are ever going to get me there, a little help would be nice. Alas, my search for magically puffy lips is destined to continue. 

My first mistake with NYX Cosmetic’s Pump It Up Lip Plumper was that they named them after celebrities and I foolishly assumed that the celebrity whose coloring was closest to mine would also be the best shade for me. Serves me right for assuming Lindsay Lohan knows anything about make up suited to pale girls with reddish hair.

The pale shimmery pink gloss isn’t terrible, it’s just also not terribly flattering on me. Then again, most of the other options are nudes and those look even worse (Hey! Lets make your lips completely disappear and/or look like you’ve been eating chocolate ice cream! That sounds like an awesome plan!)

Trying it out, it’s definitely got that burn to it that characterizes all lip plumpers, good and bad. Some are more tingly, some are more burny and this one is definitely in the burny camp. The burn is front loaded though, so if you can get through the first ten minutes, you’re in the clear. As for how much it worked, I actually had to take some photos to see the difference, because the effect was pretty subtle. Still, I could tell a slight difference, so it works! A little bit. It seems to wear off after the gloss stops burning, though, so you’ll have to either keep applying or just wear it to things where how you look only matters for the first few minutes. 
Bare lips. 

Five minutes after applying gloss. Feeling burny but plumper!
Overall the Pump It Up Lip Pumper gloss is a nice little lip gloss. The Lindsay color is shimmery and it goes on thick enough to give you a nice coat of color without feeling like you’ve managed to smear a layer of icing on your lips. I give it a 5 out of 8; it’s good but not super impressive. 

A while back I entered a “Beauty Vlogger” contest sponsored by NYX Cosmetics and everyone who entered received a gift certificate to their website. This product was purchased with that gift certificate and I am officially disclosing that here. Officially. So now you know.

Rating: 5/8 tentacles

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