Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sticky and Shiny, Ugh: Clinique's Long Last Glosswear SPF15


Y'all know how much of a sucker I am for Gifts-With-Purchase, right? So I don't really need to go into how I walked into Dillard's yesterday and bought a fancy Clinique lotion just for the free goodies.

OK, not just for it. I actually needed the lotion. Point is, I got a few goodies to review, and here's the first.

Alas, the Long Last Glosswear was a bit of a dud.

The color, called "Bonfire", was a nice dark pink that went on very sheer, and very shiny. Almost too shiny. Looked a little like a disco ball to be honest. So, first impression: SHINY. It was so shiny that when I showed it to my husband he was a little freaked out and refused to kiss me. So, there's the Male Perspective for you.

Second impression: Sticky. Ugh. It did last a very long time, even with drinking and eating, but the stickiness never went away. And that always bugs the hell out of me with lipgloss. It made my lips feel moisturized for sure, but I kept getting the urge to wipe it off, like I had eaten something sweet and sticky and hadn't wiped my mouth properly. And though that sounds weirdly dirty, believe me, it wasn't nearly that exciting.

I can't claim anything about how it works as an SPF, though I have to wonder if it's really necessary, and whether that's what makes the gloss so damn sticky. But I did like that (like most Clinique products) it was unscented, as I always end up wanting to eat glosses that smell particularly good, which obviously defeats the purpose and is vaguely disgusting.

But overall Clinique's Long Last Glosswear just didn't seem like that big a deal, and I don't think I want to wear it again. And frankly, at $15 a pop, it's just not a good deal in any way at all. I'm sure there's better, nicer glosses out there that'll do the job for a much more reasonable price.

So, I'll give it a disappointing 3 out of 8 tentacles. The three are for the fact that it lasted for a long time, the lack of scent and the color. Loses major points for the stickiness, the plasticky shine and the ridiculous price. Look for something better, girls.

Rating: 3/8 tentacles

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