Monday, May 14, 2012

Degree Women Natureffects With Absorbing Sea Salt: Better Than Nothing

Pinky McLadybits

I am so sad because I have been unable to find my favorite deodorant, Secret Smooth Effects. This makes me entirely too sad, as it is just a toiletry product. But it is one that works and smells pretty. )And I just found it on Amazon....)

Instead of my Secret, I decided to try Degree Women Natureffects With Absorbing Sea Salt. I didn't realize sea salt was something I would want smeared under my arms, so I was intrigued. I also thought that I had heard good things about Degree deodorant overall, so I was willing to see if it could replace my beloved.

It has been a rollercoaster of temperature here in Ohio lately. I applied the Degree and went about my day. I noticed that my underarms felt wet as the day went on, which was odd since I was freezing. Just thinking about using the Degree when the temperature shot up in the 90s and the humidity hit 100% had me horrified. I would have pit stains that led all the way to my swamp ass!

I was disgusted, but I gave the Degree another try. This time there was less moisture in my underarms but I felt like everyone could smell the scent of the deodorant. Understand, the deodorant doesn't have an overpowering smell in the stick or most any time. But this time? It was just really strong. That was also disconcerting and odd.

Did I stink like a pubescent girl that refuses to believe deodorant exists? No. But there was something off about the deodorant and my body chemistry that made it uncomfortable to wear at first. As I used it more, it seemed to be less stank and cause less wetness under my arms, which was nice. I did, however, resort to scraping the last bits of Secret out of the sticks I still had. I really missed the less shaving. I can't really hold that against the Degree since that's not what it is made for, though. So, for the price and the fact that you don't smell like a locker room, I have to say you could do much, much worse.

Rating: 5/8 tentacles

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  1. I think they're replacing the smooth effects with the new Oil of Olay Secret line. Because we can't have nice things.