Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hot Links: "I had high heels in my high chair and I'll have 'em in my wheelchair."

Pinky McLadybits

I've always thought that personalized license plates are fairly stupid. Either the plate tells me you're cocky or I can't decipher your intended message. These geeky license plates? Don't really change my mind. But enjoy! (mental floss)

Ten years ago, someone decided that Double Dragon baddie Abobo should have his own adventure game. Ten long years I waited, not even knowing I was waiting. Today is the day. Play Abobo's Big Adventure free online. Fight your way through classic NES games! (Abobo's Big Adventure)

Dalek Oreos? EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! (technabob)

I have a degree in criminal justice and studied lots of crime scene atrocities to earn it. I had to hide my textbooks so Pinky Jr. wouldn't accidentally see a corpse with a melted face from being pulled out of a body of water. As such, I find these medical overviews of famous movie deaths very interesting, though you might puke. (Modern Man)

Sweet lawd, I adore Dolly Parton so much. She gently mocks herself for her appearance while being an amazing writer and singer. (Entertainment on Today)

Good news, everyone! The claim that Beyonce and Jay-Z were assholes when their kid was born has been dismissed! YAWN. (Rolling Stone)

So now there are 'hidden dangers' in using touchscreens? Most of these 'dangers' sound the same as those for anyone with a repetitive job. Maybe don't hunch over so much with the screen or hold it to your nose? AHEM, MY HUSBAND, AHEM. Derp. (InfoWorld)

reddit's decision to go black to protest SOPA has now become a way to educate others about the dangerous bill. (IT World)

Already there are people smarter than me developing ways to get around SOPA restrictions. (BoingBoing)

I think it would be best for everyone if TLC changed its name from The Learning Channel to The Sad People That Surround You Daily, Humping Inanimate Object, Cloning Pets, And Having Multiple Children Channel. Though TSPTSYD,HIO,CP,AHMCC is a mouthful it is still less idiotic than SyFy. (HuffPost TV)

Why are cell phone and gadget batteries so fucking complicated?!? They can give us touchscreen, wireless downloading and updating, instant weather, GPS directions, and real-time updates but not a battery that I simply charge when it is low? DAMMIT. (Lifehacker)

I love seeing all of the outfits on red carpets. I love it even more when someone catty eviscerates those outfits! (Tom & Lorenzo)

Who thought that footage of flying cranes, narrated by David Tennant, could be so breathtaking?

And now, heads go 'splodey!

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