Friday, October 14, 2011

Iconic or Demonic? Dior Iconic Mascara

Author: Metric Jenn

Iconic. That’s a pretty lofty name for mascara. For something to be iconic, it must stick in the minds of generations as something to be admired and emulated. Dior has a history of classic looks that are associated with old Hollywood glamour.

I am very much a fan of Dior. I have a lot of their products. Most of the time I find them to be high quality products worth the exorbitant price. I’ve been searching for a good mascara for years now, from cheap Wal-Mart brands, to Benefit to Dior. NONE have stood up to my standards. I guess by now you can tell how well Dior Iconic fares in my estimation.

Look, it’s not like I’m hoping that mascara will turn my eyelashes into the lush full ones seen on commercials. I’m not that gullible. And since I’m not willing to subject myself to false eyelashes, I absolutely make the allowance that all mascaras have their limitations. With Dior Iconic Mascara, I was disappointed with the results which were not proportional to the price of the product.

Here-under I’ve included a mini photo essay to demonstrate Dior Iconic’s effectiveness. Enjoy!
No make-up.

No make-up.

Guess which eye is done!

Can you still tell?

Both eyes done. Not quite like the commercials, hm?

False eyelashes should be banned from the commercials.

Do you see what I'm saying? My eyelashes are fair, the mascara does coat them well enough, and even with Lefty, shaky bitch-hand from hell, I can maneuver the brush deftly. Where it fails is in its promise. I don't see any more of a difference than say from the 12$ Maybelline from the pharmacy down the street. So why, Dior and Sephora, would I continue to pay 28$ for Iconic? Even I'm not that ridiculous, and coming from a girl that has spent more money on sunglasses in the past year than on groceries, that is saying something.

Disappointingly, I have to give this product a 4/8 tentacles. It does a regular job, but for the price, just forget it. Grab something their sunglasses!

Rating: 4/8 tentacles

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