Wednesday, September 28, 2011

J’adore Dior - My eyes! My beautiful eyes!

Author: Metric Jenn

Yes, yes, I know that the tag line J'adore Dior is from Dior’s perfume line, and Carrie from Sex and the City RUINED that cute shirt by prancing around like a deranged be-tutued hobo. Never-the-less, Dior has endured as a classic house of fashion for many, many reasons. Accessibility is actually one of them, despite being so closely associated with higher designer prices, The French, excess and celebrity. My first Dior purchase was a pair of sunglasses that I’d seen on Pam Anderson. My friend also had them and it must have registered in my brain, but she described them as being Nicole Richie - associated, so I assumed mine were shaped differently or something. Nope. They were the same sunglasses! Dammit. Friend-faux-pas aside, I anxiously awaited the order to arrive.

I had ordered the Christian Dior Glossy 1 sunglasses, which were most recently seen on Lady Gaga, but don’t let that frighten you. These are classics in black (but are also available in white), with large lenses that protect your eyes quite well. Certain sunglasses require a specific shape of face so as to not make you look ugly and/or stupid; these are not that kind of frame. Every single person that I’ve seen them on, or have tried on mine has looked the same - easily 'celebrity' fashionable - NO NOT LIKE A BUG. They are so large, that they flatter everyone! Honestly - just do a google image search of them - no matter who is wearing them, they look great. And it certainly isn’t Paris Hilton’s stunning ethereal beauty (I vomited a little while typing that, even if it was sarcastic) that are making them look that good.

I made my purchase over eBay, pulling a “Buy It Now” stunt...BECAUSE I WANTED THEM NOW, THAT’S WHY!!! Do I have to explain each and every poor decision that led me to this prime location river-front cardboard box home? At $395 plus shipping and handling, my Visa card felt the pinch. The sunglasses arrived within 4 days, and I was as happy as a...celebutard with new sunglasses? Good enough. Just check me out, though - I’m adorable in these!

After 4 years, I still wear these sunglasses. I am *extremely* careful with them, seeing as how they cost so much. But they’ve been well worth the cost and the caution. They’ve held up very well. I’ve had hundreds of compliments and strangers coming up to me to ask where to get them (the people that ask me “are they are real?” may get a snippier answer than necessary, as I am most definitely THAT kind of snob).

On the whole, I am going to give these particular sunglasses a 6/8 tentacles. The price on eBay and other places for the real-deals have come down drastically since the fad has switched to a more vintage model. You can now get your own pair of Glossy 1’s for under $200. Where it loses its points (in my opinion, anyways) is its case. Dior Glossy 1’s come in a  soft case with little-to-no protection. You have to be very, very careful when carrying these in your bag. Mine spend most of their time on my face, should yours!

Rating: 6/8 tentacles

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