Friday, October 19, 2012

I Like the Way You Work It, No Diggity


Apologies if the links seem a little harried this morning, but I'm running on little sleep.  Hopefully none of the write-ups are nonsensical or purple monkey dishwasher.

If you like overpriced, creepy doll "art," then have I got the link for you!  (BuzzFeed)

Around our house, we have several homemade cat trees and beds to keep our kitties occupied.  I think this needs to be our next DIY project (ha, as if we could pull this off!).  (io9)

First, there was the Binders Full of Women tumblr.  Now, the internet has blessed us with amazing Amazon reviews for said binders.  Never change, internet.  (Pleated Jeans)

Looks like Elizabeth Bathory was on to something, after all - the secret to eternal youth may be in the blood of the young!  But, uh, I do not condone that you go out and bathe in the stuff or drink it or anything.  I'm just stating that for the official record.  (Gawker)

Zac Efron turned 25 yesterday, so here's 25 photos and sexy GIFs.  (Crushable)

These old school video game cookies are so detailed, I'd almost feel bad about eating them!  (Incredible Things)

Big Bird is getting litigious, y'all.  No, he's not going after Romney; he's going after the makers of the sluttiest Big Bird costume in existence.  (The Gloss)

Who doesn't love a good, useful life hack?  (99 Life Hacks)

This is an extreme way to boost your productivity, but hey man, whatever works for ya.  (Neatorama)

It's Friday, time to get down.  After all these years, I still know every word to this one.  Here's Blackstreet's classic from 1996, "No Diggity."

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