Friday, September 14, 2012

More like Herbal Mehssences: Herbal Essence's "Body Envy" Shampoo


You might remember how much I love my Herbal Essences "Hello, Hydration!" shampoo. My ridiculously fine, oily hair loves the stuff. The smell is amazing and never fails to wake me up in the morning. But...

You might also remember how I have the attention span of a gnat, and how  every now and then I get the urge to try something new, even though the old works perfectly fine. Fixin' what ain't broke, that's me.

So while perusing the shampoo aisle at the Walmart (while my husband grumbled on about how there's five million shampoos for women and like, three for me)  I was drawn to the pretty orange bottle of Herbal Essence's Body Envy shampoo.Well, it wasn't just the bottle. It also smelled really good. I have a theory that Herbal Essences drops in some mythical potions  and shit into their shampoos, because they all smell freakin' amazing.

And this one! Oh, boy, "Body Envy" smells so good. The kind of citrusy, fruity scent I love to smell in the  morning. It lathers fairly well and left my hair feeling very clean, which I liked, though maybe a little drier than the creamier "Hello, Hydration!".

The results, once my hair dried? Meeeeh. On the one hand, I felt that my hair was a little fluffier and volumized, but it wasn't that big a difference. On the other hand, my hair felt very dry and brittle, and it just suddenly decided to take the express train all the way to Frizz Town station. I've been washing it every day in hopes of using it up quickly, so that I can just go back to my old standard.

So, it wasn't very good, and I'm giving it a sad 3 out of 8 tentacles. The smell is amazing and it left my hair feeling very clean and light, but it made it very frizy and dry. I'm thinking it might work for some other type of hair, but stay away from it if you, like me, have very fine hair that's prone to oilyness.

That's OK, Herbal Essences. We're still cool. Just don't stop making "Hello, Hydration!" Though maybe calm down with the silly names.

Rating: 3/8 tentacles

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  1. This review is DEAD ON. I hate this stuff and am also sticking with Hello Hydration.