Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No Moaning In The Shower: Herbal Essences "Hello, Hydration!" Shampoo


If you've ever taken a look at my bio, you'll know that I hate my hair. Unlike some lucky people in my family, I didn't inherit my mother's thick, lustrous black hair. Instead I was saddled with my dad's thin, floppy, blah head of hair. I've never been able to do a damned thing to it. Ponytails slip off, barrettes never stay on, any styling disappears after two hours (the stylist for my wedding used what I swear was a whole can of hairspray and it was still gone after a few hours) and it'll get greasy if I so much as touch it too many times in a day. I also have to wash it every single morning or it'll look absolutely disgusting. It's a nightmare.

I have tried every shampoo out there. From the cheap Tresmmes to the really fancy crap, and none of them have worked in the long term. They'll either dry it and make it even floppier and lifeless, or just coat it in yet another layer of grease.

I can't believe the Herbal Essences worked, but hot damn does it do wonders for my hair. It's just flat-out amazing. It's thick and creamy, but not heavy and washes off completely, without leaving any nasty residue in my hair. It makes my hair shiny without making it oily, and I've never gone so long without nasty split ends. Plus, it smells incredibly good--not good enough to moan in the shower like in those damned commercials, but it's pretty close.

I use the conditioner once a week and it works beautifully too, giving my hair great volume and bounce. I can now run my fingers through it without worrying about an oil slick. My hair feels clean, healthy and gorgeous for the first time in what feels like forever.

I know I'm gushing, but I'm just so damned glad I finally found a shampoo that works for me. And one that smells so damn good and is so reasonably priced? BAM. Stupid name aside, this is a total winner for me. It's so good I included it in my Things to Be Thankful For. 8 out of 8 shiny tentacles!

Rating: 8/8 tentacles

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