Friday, August 17, 2012

I Have No Idea What's Going On And That's Okay!


I just love the expression on this Jeopardy! contestant's face.  Sometimes, you just gotta admit that you have no frickin' idea what's going on.  

Like with this first story.  What the hell was Dave Mustaine, lead singer of Megadeth, taking when he made this statement?  Whatever it was, I think it's time to quit, Dave.  (AV Club)

Or here.  I have no idea what the story line for this W Magazine photo spread is or if there even IS one, but I think I like it.  Linda Evangelista is working the sh*t out of this fetish wear.  Slightly NSFW.  (TLo)

After seeing this amazing cocktail concoction, I suddenly feel the need to have a space-themed party.  Just look at that photo - it's like an aurora borealis in a glass!  Now THAT is some classy jungle juice!  Take note, fraternities and sororities everywhere.  (Geekologie)

Jesse Plemons may have a new role on "Breaking Bad," but he'll always be "that Lance kid" from "Friday Night Lights" to me.  Here, he discusses how the two roles are surprisingly similar and talks about being mistaken for Matt Damon.  (Vulture)

Well... if you're in NYC, you now have the chance to cup David Beckham's (statue's), uh, goods, and possibly win a $1000 shopping spree from H&M for doing so!  Yes.  You can get paid for feeling up Becks.  Ain't life grand?  (Fashionista)

Tumblr fans are campaigning for super swimmer Ryan Lochte to play Finnick Odair in the upcoming "Catching Fire" adaptation.  Nuh-uh, no way.  If any real-life swimming god is gonna be Finnick, it's gotta be Nathan Adrian.  He's even got a sweet tooth!  (Crushable)

I mean, just watch this video of Lochte "acting" on "90210."  Would you really want him in your movie?  Even Apollo Ohno can't keep a straight face!  (Jezebel)

While I know that the main message of this article is to inform you about how contagious viruses like norovirus really are, all I can think is, "Maybe you shouldn't have kept your FOOD in the BATHROOM!"  (io9)

If you're looking for some comedy series recommendations for Netflix, this list has you covered.  I can't recommend "Spaced" enough.  (Warming Glow)

Ok, so they only go 40 mph and they look kinda goofy, but I would totally drive one of these compressed-air smartcars!  It'd be perfect for zipping around town.  And you gotta love how eco-friendly they are!  (The Atlantic

And now we've circled back to "I have no idea what's going on here."  What the hell is going on with Shia LaBeouf?  This is not a good look for him.  Or anyone, really.  (The Superficial)

You guys.  LAUREN CONRAD HATES BOOKS!  Look what she's doing to them - MURDERER!!!  (Why would this be a great idea for "vintage books"?  Does she understand the point of collecting vintage things?)

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