Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bill Murray is My Spirit Guide


Good morning!  Some days, you wake up and think, eh, I'm just not feeling it today.  That's me today.  So, let's ease into things, shall we?

How about the most adorable photo of a baby gorilla ever to get us started?  Man, that stethoscope must've been cold, look at that expression!  I just want to smush his widdle face!  (Buzzfeed)

Here's a gallery of the stars who have stopped by Sesame Street over the years.  Man, I loved Lily Tomlin's Edith Ann when I was little! (EW)

Josh Hutcherson, best known as Peeta from "The Hunger Games," is auctioning off the chance for five lucky winners to have dinner with him.  Proceeds from the auction will benefit a paralyzed young woman who attended his alma mater.  Forget the gorilla, I want to smush Josh's cute widdle face!  I would totally enter that contest myself, but it might be weird if a 29 year old woman showed up to dinner and just gawked at him all night.  (Crushable)

Speaking of "The Hunger Games," this video discusses how the production crew brought "The Girl Who Was on Fire" to life in the chariot scene.  (Vulture)

NPR has the results of their "Best Young Adult Novels" survey up, and surprise, surprise, that damned sparkly vampire series made the list.  Ah well, you can't argue with the top ten entries, at least.  (NPR)

As if Facebook weren't addictive enough, now the site is adding online gambling.  At least, it's giving it a try in the UK, but it remains to be seen if it'll roll out in the US as well.  (Gizmodo)

Remember when Gabby Douglas won the gold at the Olympics and everyone on the internet went crazy - not about her amazing performance, but about her HAIR?  Well, Gabby read all the controversy and now she's weighing in on the discussion.  If I didn't love her before, I definitely do now.  (The Mary Sue)

This is an excellent article on how to raise a successful child that all parents should read.  If you think that "helicopter parenting" is a good thing, think again.  (NY Times)

It's been awhile since I checked in on my favorite pop culture artist, James Hance.  Looks like he's got a new book coming out - a parody of "Goodnight, Moon" that is perfect for any Doctor Who fans.  (Goodnight, Pond

Artists work in many different types of media - even radioactive ones, like uranium.  The glowing exhibition by Ken & Julia Yonetani is striking, but fear not, spectators are in no danger of exposure. (What the Birds Knew via BoingBoing)

I've recently discovered French musician Yoann Lemoine, who performs under the name Woodkid.  I feel like I should be reading "Game of Thrones" while listening to his music.  Just what the video for "Iron" and you'll get what I mean. 

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