Monday, July 16, 2012

Oh Monday, Monday, So Good to Me


Ugh, Monday.  Have you recovered from your weekend?  Or did you take the day off to recuperate?  If you're playing hooky today, I hope you didn't use any of these excuses.  #1 is impressively stupid.  (Grindstone)

Toe-slimming surgery is the latest in a long line of unnecessary medical procedures.  Ladies, your toes are fine.  Don't let some slimy doctor convince you to waste your money and butcher your body!  (Blisstree)

If you missed all the fun at Comic Con this week, fear not, here's a roundup of what went down.  (The Mary Sue)

The one panel I wish I had experienced?  The 10 year anniversary reunion of the cast and crew of "Firefly."  Thankfully, you can watch that panel in its entirety here.  Shiny!  (Oh My Geek!)

Remember that divisive Time magazine breast-feeding cover?  Well, now there's going to be a tv show dedicated to "extended" breast-feeding.  Are we finally scraping the bottom of the reality show barrel?  (Time)

Here's your art fix for the day: artist Kumi Yamashita makes shadow sculptures out of light and various objects.  (Kumi Yamashita via BoingBoing)

Fans of the Beatles can now experience one of their classic songs firsthand by spending the night in an actual Yellow Submarine.  It's a little pricey for a one-night stay, but if you're going to Liverpool on a Magical Mystery Tour anyway, you might as well go for it!  (Hollywood Reporter)

I'm just as confused as the author of this next article: Alexa Vega from the "Spy Kids' franchise is old enough to be married, let alone divorced??  Good lord I'm old.  (Crushable)

Some of the names on this list of "Famous Literary Characters Almost Named Something Else" are downright terrible.  "Bladorthin the Grey" doesn't sound nearly as impressive or regal as "Gandalf the Grey," does it?  (Mental Floss)

If you find yourself passing through the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris in the next few weeks and have some time to kill, Ikea has a furnished lounge you can visit.  They even included beds so you can take a nice little layover nap!  Oh, Ikea, when will you stop being awesome?  (Please say never.)  (Curbed via HuffPo)

Why does this video exist?  I mean, besides giving us something to gawk at. (via Vulture)

Nielsen and Sony recently did a study of the 20 most powerful moments in the history of television.  While they seem to be rather skewed towards recent events, I can't deny that a lot of these did have an impact.  How many do you remember watching?  (via Buzzfeed)  (Please note:  some of these moments may be a little disturbing, like the Columbine footage, but no violence is shown.)

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