Friday, June 22, 2012

Let Me Blow Ya Mind With Links and Freaks!

Right now, most of the Hot Inkers and assorted Pajibans are obsessed with quinoa. In fact, I made quinoa "mac" and cheese last night and it was AHMAHZING. Here are some more recipes for the protein-packed cousin of the tumbleweed! (Allrecipes)

Speaking of health, do you have your own garden? We don't because our dog would think we had created a giant buffet for his stupid face. SIGH. It's sad because gardens are about so much more than food. (The Great Fitness Experiment)

This is an oldie but a goodie. TMZ is a douche canoe and Woody Harrelson punches a "zombie". (Toronto Sun)

Do you like nature? Do you like freaks? Then you'll love these FREAKS OF NATURE! (Listverse)

Less disturbing are these Harry Potter facts. (HPotterFacts)

After you've fried your brain with facts, perhaps you'd like to see which of these famous logos you can identify. (ChaCha)

Wondering what those random clutches of letters mean as you attempt to read text messages over a teen's, or illiterate adult's. shoulder? WONDER NO MORE! (Teen Chat Decoder)

I'm guessing that all of that texting in place of human interaction is doing wonders for teen pregnancy rates. That or MTV really did humanity a solid with that "Teen Mom" bullshit. (Medical Daily)

Do you like Cat Power? Download her new album here. (Chime In)

I hope to one day attend a ComiCon of some sort. Here are some photos of lovely ladies from the Phoenix Comicon. (Phoenix New Times)

Then you can glance at these ridiculous abs and think twice before you eat that donut anyway. (Total Pro Sports)

Peter Drakos is awesome. He plays carnival games and wins, which is a feat unto itself. But then he takes the plethora of prizes and donates them to children charities. AW! (American Way)

I don't think you need any background on this. Just know BILL MURRAY!

Let's Flashback Friday! Eve and Gwen Stefani would like to blow your mind, please.

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