Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In the Mood for… Lip Gloss: NYX Cosmetics Mood Lip Gloss


You remember mood rings? I remember a period in the 90s when they were everywhere; in goody bags at birthday parties, as prizes at cheap carnivals, as things you could exchange tickets for at Chuck E. Cheese. They reigned supreme. I probably had like seven of them floating around in my bedroom at one point and all of them stayed firmly somewhere between green and blue (causing all my friends to go “ooooooo, you’re in LOVE!” but we were in elementary school and dumb).

Anyway, I haven’t see them in a while which may be because I’m sort of an adult now or maybe they’re just less popular. But my fond memories of them are probably what attracted me to NYX Cosmetics Mood Lip Gloss

This is a line of four lipglosses that claim to color shift to give you certain looks. I bought the ‘sensual’ one because I don’t have any berry colored lip glosses and have tried it out a couple times. The gloss itself feels nice; not too sticky and it doesn’t go on too thick. It comes out of the tube a dark almost blackberry-ish color. I was worried it’d be too dark at first, but my fear proved largely unfounded.

The gloss did color shift a bit, but not to the dark berry color that was shown on the website. I ended up with a more subtle berry color, more raspberry than blackberry, which is still kind of a nifty trick. It may be a problem of my particular body temperature as well, I tend to run cool so things that rely on heat to change don’t work particularly well with my skin. It’s a more subtle effect than the one that was advertised, but nice in its own way. 

NYX Cosmetics Mood Lip Gloss does offer some fun color shifting like the mood rings of childhood but, like those mood rings, the advertised range of colors may not match up with one’s actual experience. 6 out of 8 tentacles; a decent lipgloss with a cute trick but nothing that blew me away. 

Rating: 8/8 tentacles

A while back I entered a “Beauty Vlogger” contest sponsored by NYX Cosmetics and everyone who entered received a gift certificate to their website. This product was purchased with that gift certificate and I am officially disclosing that here. Officially. So now you know.

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