Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Slap The Slap Off Your Face: Clinique Rinse-Off Makeup Remover


I tell you, this Clinique Gift-With-Purchase is the...gift that keeps on giving. God, that was lame. But yes! I have a brand new Clinique product to review from that same little bag--the Make-up Remover.

I made a point of trying this after a short day at work, so that I could be sure that the makeup hadn't completely worn away and that everything I had applied in the morning would still be there. This included primers, mineral foundation, concealer, blush and full eye makeup (shadows, liner and mascara--none of it waterproof).

After splashing some water on my face, I spread the Clinique Rinse-Off Makeup Remover all over my face, including my eyes. It's like a very thick lotion or soap, which I liked because I hate the feeling of water trickling down my face as I scrub. I know that makes no sense, but whatever. Just a little bit of product worked to cover my face. After letting it sit for a few seconds I washed it off.

And dudes, I know I get easily excited about stupid stuff, but I have to tell you I was SO damn happy when this washed off super easily and without much effort at all. And it left my face clean! All the face makeup was removed, and almost all the eye product. I went over my eyes with my Avon eye make-up remover and only got the barest trace of mascara left over.

The bottle (and website) do say that you should follow it with the 3-step skin care system (which includes a cleanser and toner), but I was afraid that that would dry out my skin too much and didn't do it, even though I have all those products.

So, I was definitely pleased with Clinique Rinse-Off Makeup Remover. Now, let's check the retail price for the full product...$19.50?! Curses! That...OK, I guess it's not TOO bad for the amount of product (and you do only need a little bit at a time), but I'm on a damn tight budget and can't afford it right now. I think I'll stick to my Cetaphil, which works perfectly fine as a makeup remover and face wash.

I'll give this a 6/8 tentacles. It's a gentle, effective remover with no fragrance, and it helped get most of my makeup off, even eye products. I'd wait to try it with Waterproof Make-up, however. And frankly, I think you can find something just as effective at maybe half the price, though I did love how easily it washed off. As usual with Clinique, the sample size is very generous and just perfect to throw in a travel bag.

Rating: 6/8 tentacles

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