Friday, February 24, 2012

Ask Ink: Face Cleaning For Lazy People!

So what's the thought on makeup wipes in general? I can see how in [some] case[s] they don't cut it. But I use them all the time instead of other cleansers. Should I or no?

Well, I am not an expert on the various arts of cleaning one's face, but I to tend to drift toward the simplest solution for most things. For me that means makeup wipes. (Or it did before I tried the oil-cleansing method.) 

Makeup wipes are the lazy person's dream. They already have the right amount of cleanser built in! They don't need soaped up or moistened, at least most of them don't. They don't drip all over the place and when you are done, you toss them in the trash. Easy!

As for how well they work, I have personally been very happy with Target's up & up brand wipes that are supposed to be comparable to the higher priced facial wipes. I had on full Poison Ivy makeup, with lots of deep and crazy greens, and was able to get it all off with their makeup wipes. I was very pleased. I didn't have to scrub my face raw, I didn't need to dirty three or four wash cloths, and I didn't have to worry about green dripping from my face in a sea of cleanser bubbles. 

In general, makeup wipes are a great alternative to messy facial cleansers and a quick way to wipe that makeup off before jumping into bed. As long as you pay attention to the types of makeup wipes you purchase and use the proper facial moisturizer after, I don't see any downside to using makeup wipes as part of your daily routine.

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