Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pass the Courvoisier: Make Up For Ever All Mat

Metric Jenn

Once again I found myself at Sephora, but this time, my fair readers, I was there with a purpose: to get the basics of make up. Foundation to match my skin tone in autumn. My trusty Sephora helper Stephanie was there once more to guide me through the rough and mentally taxing task of picking out makeup. 

Long story short, I bought Make Up Forever's All Mat primer for $45.00 and headed home to prepare for a birthday party. I wanted to look good, and not my usual baggy-eyed splotchy self. You know, kind of like a birthday gift to everyone's eyeballs.

I followed Stephanie's instructions to the tee: Using the new brush I bought specifically for the primer, I squirted a few dollops onto my hand and got to work spreading a thin layer of primer over my face. It felt weird at first, almost as if I had 5 inches thick of clown makeup on. It was only because I wasn't used to it at all that the primer felt weird. Never the less, it did exactly what it was supposed to and performed admirably.

The primer lasted for over 8 hours, through supper and several drinks...and several more drinks...also a few other drinks at another location. Maybe more after memory gets fuzzy after the 2nd location change. I can, however, state for a fact that my foundation was in place and un-smudged in the morning as I stumbled my way into the bathroom. My bathroom? Uhhhh...well, THAT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, LEAVE ME ALONE!!

All in all, I am incredibly impressed with Make Up Forever's All Mat primer and it has become a staple in my makeup case. I absolutely recommend this product, in spite of the rather steep price. It does last for an incredibly long time because you only use a small amount each time. The price is high, but not prohibitively so. Conclusion? 7/8 tentacles! It only loses one due to the price. Now, go forth, my pretties! And buy it! 

Rating: 7/8 tentacles

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