Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stay! Good Boy: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion


I think I might have mentioned before that I'm kind of a complete noob when it comes to makeup. For years and years I refused to wear any, up until the point where I realized that, hot damn, do I look good with some black eyeliner and mascara on. And then I was hooked. I still wear very little makeup, but I do so every day for work, and I'm discovering new things every day. It's fun.

One of the things I discovered is eyeshadow creasing. This is when the shadows you put on your lids seem to fade and pool around on the crease of your eyes. It's nasty and kinda makes you look like a drag queen. We've all been there.

Enter Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. At one point I was skeptical, specially of having to put yet another layer of goop on my face. But this thing works, and it works like a damned miracle.

You dab a teeny tiny amount on your finger, spread on your lids, let it sit, then put on your eyeshadow and it will STAY THE HELL IN PLACE. For hours and hours and hours. I have very oily skin and ultra sensitive eyes, and this baby both kept the eyeshadow in place for hours and didn't irritate my eyes. It's amazing.

The best thing about it is that, for $20 (which I admit seemed a bit pricey at first) a single tube will last forever. I've had mine for almost a year, and it's still going, even after wearing it almost every single day. This is one kickass product, y'all.

The Primer comes in different shades, but you can't go wrong with the Original version. I've tried the "Sin" version (in "shimmering champagne) and it's a little glittery, which I suppose could be good for a night out, though it might not make a difference under eyeshadow.

So, if you've ever had problems with creasing, the Primer Potion is your answer. I give it 8/8 tentacles. It might seem pricey for the quantity, but it lasts forever and it's worth every penny.

Rating: 8/8 tentacles


  1. I love this stuff *so* much. And sometimes they have a sale where you can get 2 for $20 (which I totally took advantage of)

  2. Another vote for UD Primer Potion. Now they even have squeezy tubes instead of little plastic ones with the crevices so you get even more out. Lurve this stuff.