Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This Wednesday Needs More Cowbell. Possibly Some Nudity Too.

Kolby and Pinky

If you need a(nother) reason to get boozy on St. Patrick's Day, here's how to concoct a Shamrock Shake Shot.  Oh yes.  (Glitter, Glue and Gluttony)

And in case you needed a reason to get boozy today, this collection of every single one of Bart Simpson's chalkboard quotes is sure to drive you to drink long before you reach the end.  (The Social Feed)

As someone who spent a few years working in government, I can tell you that this infographic on how lobbying works is, sadly, so very true.  (

Okay, so John Carter (of Mars, dammit) doesn't suck?  I should see it?  In an actual theater?  Huh.  Well.  Okay.  (Wired)

This definitely doesn't suck. A little girl wrote to Roald Dahl and he wrote back. Aw! (A Cup Of Jo)

Do you live in or near NYC? Would you like to be an intern at The Mary Sue? Sister, have I got some great news for you! (The Mary Sue)

Man, did I love those Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid. Here's an epic sage where you choose how to shop for a new business suit as an average sized woman! (The Hairpin)

Dry humping. I bet you've done it before. But why? Let's take a look. (College Candy)

Then you can check out this handy chart to see if you're a slut. Hint: If you have a vagina, the answer is YES. (The Frisky)

Girl Scouts chased down and even punched a couple of assholes that stole their cookie money. GET 'EM, GIRLS! (Mommyish)

Here's another kickass woman, Jennifer Lawrence. She's doing the rounds to promote The Hunger Games and speaking out against too-skinny women being bad role models for girls. (Blisstree)

So, um, this is a real thing.  And it's kind of rad.

And finally, a video I quite enjoyed.  It was especially fun to try to guess what the animals would be as the artist was creating them.  Enjoy your Wednesday!

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  1. The dragon was my favorite of the latte art.