Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Potions Never Looked So Good: Urban Decay Tinted Eyeshadow Primer


I realize that Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion has already been reviewed, but I felt that this version of it deserved its own review. Yes, it’s a primer potion that keeps your eyeshadow in place and lets you sail through your day without worrying that you’re getting those incredibly attractive clumps of pigment in the creases of your eyes. Do you know what’s even better? A primer potion that keeps your eyeshadow in place and also immediately negates its own extra step in the beautification process.

Those of you that use eyeshadow primers and who are fantastically lazy about wearing makeup (this may be just me, but I doubt it) are aware that in using primer you sacrifice precious time applying the primer and waiting for it to dry in exchange for the ultimate goal of looking fabulous for hours. With Urban Decay’s line of eyeshadow primers in colors, when you put on your primer you’re also putting on either a base layer of color or the ONLY layer of color, which is awesome.

I have the tinted primer potion in Sin and Greed and the way I use them is either alone as a way to keep my eyeliner in place, or as a base color. Because the colors are light, I sweep them all the way up towards my eyebrows to help lighten up my whole eye area while providing a nice base to add some richer colors down by the lash line. Sin is great for every day use, because it’s a very subtle champagne shimmer that gives a hint of brightness without being too obvious. It’s helpful for those days you don’t want to look ‘made up’ while still looking nice. Greed is better for when you want to make an impression, since its gold sheen is much more noticeable and assertive, but it looks great when paired with a nice earthy green shade.

The only downside I’ve noticed is that I have the older bottles that have a wand applicator that’s a little tricky to get used to in terms of even application, but I see they’ve moved to squeeze bottles which would fix that problem. Also, because it is a liquid, you can end up with a definite ‘edge’ to the primer color. The way I fix that is by dabbing it a bit with my finger before it dries to break up the line a bit and have it look more blended into my skin. These are minor complaints, though, and I really had to think hard to figure them out.

I love these primers and rate them an 8 out of 8. Not only do they keep your eyeshadow looking awesome, they put on some of your eyeshadow for you. You can’t beat that for service.

Rating: 8/8 tentacles

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