Friday, February 10, 2012

Nerds Need Lovin', Too. They Probably Won't Know What To Do With It, But Still.


Good afternoon, lovelies!  I trust you all had a delightful week and are ready for some downtime.  It's Friday!  Let's celebrate with some tender man meat.

More than a few of my friends positively adore Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  I don't see it, but far be it from me to begrudge his admirers a peek at his evolution from skinny nerdchild into slightly-less skinny nerdman.  (imgur)

Hey, dweebs and dweebettes, type this long-ass equation (I'm not typing it here - I needed a second cup of coffee to focus long enough to just look at it) into Google for a Valentine's Day surprise.  (Mashable)

Please tell me you don't need this article to know that tech gadgets probably won't make the best Valentine's Day gifts for your ladies, guys.  Guys?  (TechCrunch)

Here's an easy DIY project for the weekend:  How to bread your cat!  (BoingBoing)

These amazing portraits were created entirely out of packing tape.  I'm beginning to feel as though I'm failing to see the creative potential in the contents of my junk drawer.  (The Daily Mail)

I realize that most of the do-it-yourself projects I link to serve mainly to facilitate laziness, like this one to rig your coffee maker with remote control capabilities.  Is this a good or bad thing?  Finding out may take some work, so we're not going to find out today.  (Instructables)

You should always be truthful with your doctor if you want them to be able to give you the best possible care, unless your doctor is Dr. House.  He won't believe you no matter what you say.  (LifeHacker)

Fans of Downton Abbey (that should be all of you, dammit) will be tickled by this cross stitch of the Dowager Countess doing what she does best - insulting people, of course!  (Etsy)

The folks at Vinnie's Pizzeria in Brooklyn (there are probably dozens, really) likes to perk up their daily specials menu in interesting (to nerds and movie geeks) ways.  Check it.  (Special Bored)

If Patrick Bateman seem like the ideal man to you, well.....I...yeah, here you go.  (Gawker)

If you're wondering how to win the Westminster Kennel Club's dog show, here's how.  They lost me at step one.  I'm not a poodle person, people.  (Slate)

LIFE Magazine is really coming through this week with their collections of unpublished photos.  Today we have the heavenly Natalie Wood.  (LIFE)

I'm not sure if I agree that these stereotypes are impossible to miss, but I will say that I do believe in ghosts.  And I do have a (Cracked)

20 SEXY BRITISH MEN.  You can thank me when you get back from your bedroom.  (Glamour)

Listen to the sounds floating ice on the Black Sea makes when it reaches the shore and really has nowhere else to go.  It's spooky and weird and one more reason I probably will never move to the Ukraine.

And finally, here's our president being his adorable, geeky self and probably making a kid's life while he's at it.  Bravo, sir.  Have a safe and fantastic weekend, everyone!

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