Thursday, January 19, 2012

Too Faced Shadow Insurance: Holy Unmovable Eye Shadow, Batman!

Metric Jenn

You know how you love something so much that you just want to tell EVERYONE about it?! This is totally that product. Too Faced Shadow Insurance is ah-may-zing. How on EARTH did I live this long without this product? Not only that, but why wasn't I told about this product the second someone saw me browsing the eyeshadow section of Sephora?

It was a gross oversight on about 400 sales people's part that I haven't been using/purchasing this product for the past 2 decades. Now don't go skipping this review, just because I'm praising - there's more info for you all after the jump. Information that you must know! *dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn*

Did I trick you into reading the rest of the review? Good. Because here's where I zip into my regular story-telling mode. It was shortly after Christmas (or Xmas for us non-religious types), and past Boxing Day (because I will be damned if I will be in a mall during that kind of sale craziness), when I stumbled into Sephora. I was completely out of Dior Iconic Mascara and sure as shit wasn't going to buy that fail brand Maybelline Mascara, so off to my favourite store I went. I bumped into Stephanie. Stephanie is the sales girl who just always seems to be there when I am, like her spidey-senses tingle, and she gets her shifts scheduled around when I will be there to shop. After a brief chat, she grabbed my mascara for me and I was browsing - looking at some Too Faced eyeshadows.

That is when Stephanie asked if I had ever tried the Shadow Insurance primer. I said I'd never used primer and she was aghast. She plopped it in my hands and pretty much slapped me on the way to the checkout.

On Sephora's website this product is listed at $18 for 0.35 oz; I seem to recall paying more than that in the store...closer to $30, if I'm not mistaken - but please take into account that I'm in Canada, so they do tend to gouge us despite our dollar being equal to our neighbours' down south. REGARDLESS, Too Faced Shadow Insurance is absolutely worth the price. You only squeeze out the teeniest of dollops for each of your eyes. Smear it on the lid/area that you apply shadow to. Then apply your eye make up as usual.

I was shocked to discover that my eye shadow stayed put throughout an ENTIRE day of work and needed no touch ups, even after going out for dinner. I was applying lip gloss all the time, but my eyes stayed perfect. No creasing, no movement at all!

I just can't say enough good things about Too Faced Shadow Insurance. If I could have its babies, I totally would.

Rating? Oh you'd better believe it's an 8/8 Tentacles. I wish I could give it more.


  1. It is incredibly amazing! However, I only use it for "special occasions" because: 1) it is expensive (also a resident of Canada) and (main reason) 2) if I mess up my makeup after I've applied the primer it takes me forever to redo! (I have to use waterproof make-up remover and wipe wipe wipe and just start from scratch; Which usually makes me tardy for wherever I need to be going.) So for me it's a great "night-out" essential but not a "day-to-day" thing.