Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hot Links: I Love Ryan Gosling More Than You Do


Good afternoon, friends.  I could start off today's links by gushing over how incredibly crazetacular last night's episode of Revenge was, but instead I'll gush over my future husband (not yours), Ryan Gosling.  Look at him.  JUST LOOK AT HIM.

Sometimes, I can't even handle those eyes, which is why I'm ever so grateful to friend and commenter Katie for bringing this particular link to my attention today.  Read it and probably weep. (HelloGiggles)

I just stumbled upon this website, and to say I'm intrigued by its potential would be the understatement of the year.  Yeah, we're only four days in, but still...The emmereffing Storyverse???  Sign me up.  (Small Demons)

It's been a long time since I've had to take a test, but I remember blanking on my share of answers, especially on Calculus exams.  I wish I had been as creative as these fools.  (Voiceable)

Just in case you're looking to move to Denver, here are Ten Reasons Tim Tebow is The Most Desirable Celebrity Neighbor (I'm not just making that up).  (Westword)

I never make New Year's resolutions.  I find that I let myself down pretty well on my own.  For those of you who do, or are still looking for one to commit to, here are the Most Popular Hew Year's Resolutions.  (LiveScience)

Don't ask me how I came across this site.  I won't have an answer for you, because I truly don't know.  It's like it was a gift from the gods of grease, and I'm just going give thanks and be on my way.  (BelgianFries)

If you have yet to hear about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), here's an easy-to understand explanation of what it is and what it might do if passed, and why so many are against it.  (BoingBoing)

I probably shouldn't work on the Hot Links before eating, because right now I am seriously contemplating a trip to the store for the ingredients in this Chicken Cacciatore recipe.  I don't even eat chicken, y'all.  (Persephone Magazine)

Want to steampunk the hell out of your house?  It can be done, if these pictures are any proof.  (Wired)

Stop the presses!  Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (her other friends and I call her Kitty, FYI) has finally chosen her charity patronages.  Good for her, I guess.  Oh, who am I kidding, I'm only linking to this so we can all ogle the divine burgundy hat she's wearing in one of the photos.  And I think it's best to just ignore the eyeliner at this point.  (Celebitchy)

What the eff is on either of these burgers?  Really, as far as I'm concerned, the black bun on the Darth Vader burger is the least disgusting thing in the picture.  (Geek System)

Kanye West needs no clever introduction.  He introduces himself, y'all.  Here are The Top Ten Kanye West Tweets About DONDA.  The acronym is explained within.  (Gawker)

And because I seem to have burgers on the brain today, here are the 10 Most Popular McDonald's Menu Items of All Time.  Again, it's important to note that I don't even eat meat.  (HowStuffWorks)

Hot damn!  I may start riding again just to have an excuse to put together my very own Night Bike.  (Instructables)

Is there anyone who doesn't adore my fellow Gator Erin Andrews?  Men love her, and while women may not want to actually be her, we sure as hell wouldn't mind if she tagged along on a girls' weekend. (GQ)

This doesn't quite compare to the time my girlfriends and I drunkenly serenaded an empty subway car with "The Sound of Music," but it's still pretty damn entertaining.  And inspiring.

And finally, here's one of many mashups inspired by the new-ish trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.  It's not due in theaters until this summer, so I think it's safe to say this is still only the beginning.  Enjoy your Thursday!

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