Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Broadway Nails Fashion Diva: A Real Diva Wouldn't Put Up With This Sh*#

Pinky McLadybits

These are different, yet the same

You might be saying to yourself, "I know she already reviewed some Broadway Nails and gave them 5/8. Is she stupid?" Nope. Not stupid. Just willing to try some things twice. When I saw the Broadway Nails Fashion Diva glue on nails for $2.58, I decided to give them another try. I also have another set of Sally Hansen Salon Effects Polish Strips here to try. 

I got medium length in the Broadway Nails Diva Divine in what the box claims is Dreamy. These are a silver, black and white flower design, hence DIVA! I think. The Dreamy on the website is quite different, but that doesn't matter.

My real nails are very short right now and haven't had polish on them for a few days. I still swiped my nails with a non-acetone polish remover to attempt to remove any residue or whatever. Gross. This time when I applied the nails, I used lots and lots of the pink glue provided. Tons. I really squeezed enough to cover the piece of the fake nail that would need to adhere to my real nails.

I had far less trouble getting the nails on this time. Either my motor skills have improved or I was magic for a few minutes. Who knows. I pressed each nail firmly at the cuticle and nail bed for twice the recommended time. Every thing seemed to be going swimmingly. The nails, though too long for my liking, were lovely. They have sparkles and pretty flower accents. My typing was fine, SWYPE allowed me to text easily, and I was able to use my iPod Touch without a problem.

I made dinner, cleaned up, changed clothes, did chores, and all of the things that I normally do. I was impressed. Until I zipped up my coat the next day and my left pointer finger lost its fake nail. Really? Zipping a coat? The nail wasn't even being used! So annoying. Yet again, less than a day and nails are popping off. I really give up on these this time. I don't have time to keep re-attatching nails as they free themselves from the gluey bonds that hold them. No more Broadway Nails. Not even for 50 cents.

Rating: 0/8 tentacles

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  1. I use fake nails a lot. And I hate the nail glue. Its not really glue its more like a post it note sticky for them. But I use super gue. I know it sounds horrible. But I did it from a suggestion from someone at work..and it worked awesome. Didnt hurt my nails at all and lasted a week before I could take if I wanted to. It took me several different attempts to not get the glue on my fingers.but putting it directly on your real nail works better. Plus Rite aid.has a box of 200 nail that are smaller and you can paint them however.