Thursday, September 8, 2011

Broadway Nails Fast French 10 Minute Manicure: Très bon ou très mauvais?

I was perusing the aisles at Target today (Shutup! I'm not addicted to Target. I was trying to find Rainbow Dash for my daughter and the makeup aisle is on the way back to the registers...) when I decided to look at the glue on nails they had to offer.

I ended up grabbing the cheapest set I could find: Broadway Nails Fast French 10 Minute Manicure. What can I say? I'm cheap.

To begin, I clipped my nails. They were a little long and I didn't want them to surpass the medium length Broadway nails too quickly. Double nails are not cool. Yet. After trimming, I cleaned my nails with a non-acetone-based polish remover, but the box instructions clearly state that you should use an acetone-based polish remover. Hopefully this detail will not ruin my chances for pretty nails. 

I made sure that I had nails that would comfortably fit over my own. The nails were also very easy to file for a better fit. Since I have tiny hands I used the tabbed nails on three out of five fingers on each hand. Some of the fake nails were huge in comparison to my fingers so everyone should be able to find an appropriate fit.

The glue was difficult to open and even more difficult to squeeze. I couldn't tell how much I was getting on the fake nails or my own nails. Luckily, it seems that little glue is needed and the fake nail bonds quickly to your real nail with just a dab on each. The directions said to hold the fake nail onto your real nail for 5 seconds. I held the fake nail in place a little longer since I'm a big freak about doing things longer to make sure it works. I soon found that I really did only need 5 seconds.

I started with my right hand, which is my dominant hand, because I figured applying the fake nails would be more awkward as time went on. I was right. Though, surprisingly, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. The little tabs on some of the nails coupled with the quick bonding time make it fairly easy to get the fake nails onto the proper finger and then have them stay there. 

These nails are too long for me. I should have gone with the short length. I feel like I could have a real shot at a Guinness World Record for Longest French Manicured Nails if these were real. Typing this review just became a major pain in the ass and I'm wondering how in the hell I'll be able to use my iPod Touch. Texting with Kolby, which is one of my favorite pastimes, just became damn near impossible. And these are supposed to last at least seven days. I can be such a doofus sometimes.

Overall, application is easy, it really did take about 10 minutes (and that includes when I answered my phone toward the end), they look decent and they seem to be staying put for the long haul. They were also cheap; less than $5! Unfortunately, the Medium Length is too long, but that's just my mistake. They don't look as good as they would if you got them done professionally, but you'd also be looking at a lot more time and money. The glue is a pain in the ass to squeeze and bonds quickly, which is good for your manicure time but bad for accidents with maybe sticking a couple of fingers together. Also, as the day wore on I could see exactly where the glue was and that I didn't get good coverage with it. This displeased me. Also, when helping my daughter free Rarity from her plastic prison, a thumbnail popped off.  Dans l'ensemble? Bien.

Rating 5/8 tentacles

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