Monday, December 19, 2011

Special K Cracker Chips: Step Aside, Potato Chips, There's a New Snack in Town


It's an uphill battle to get me to eat healthier.  I like fatty, greasy junk food.  And anything salty and crunchy, like potato chips.  Sometimes, for lunch, I'll just eat a big bag of chips and nothing else.  And then I wonder why my pants won't button.

So when the hubs brought home some Special K Cracker Chips the other day, I was intrigued.  (Full disclosure:  my hubs works part-time for Kellogg's and was given one free box of the Sour Cream & Onion to sample.)

Special K Cracker Chips are a hybrid snack: part potato chip, part brown rice cracker.  They kinda resemble thin little rice cakes.  Each cracker is crunchy and salty, so they do remind one of a potato chip, but the texture is definitely more like a rice cake.  The sour cream & onion variety flavor is my favorite - the flavoring kind of masks the rice-y taste, so if you're turned off by the rice cake description, I'd recommend trying this flavor first.  After we polished off our box of Sour Cream, I went out and bought the Sea Salt flavor, which is pleasantly salty without being overpoweringly so (look, I'll be honest, I love salt so much I could probably eat a salt lick and be happy, but these chips are very lightly salted and I still enjoyed them).

The best part about the chips, though, is the calorie count - it takes 27 Sour Cream chips to equal 110 calories.  That's it!  And 30 of the Sea Salt equal the same!  So you can eat a handful or two or three in one sitting and not overdo it on the calories.  And, a nice bonus, I've noticed that these chips make me feel fuller than normal potato chips, so after a few handfuls, I stop snacking (and don't devour the whole box in one shot like I do with a bag of potato chips).  That's probably due to the fiber from the brown rice. 

I don't think I'll ever be able to completely give up on my junk food, but I'll definitely be substituting the Special K Cracker Chips for potato chips.  It's nice to know that there's a delicious, healthy alternative out there that doesn't sacrifice taste or crunch.

I give the Cracker Chips an 8 out of 8 tentacles.  They're sold in grocery stores nationwide (and online from stores like CVS) and retail for around $4 a box (4 ounces).  

Rating: 8/8 tentacles

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