Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Precisely the Color I Was Looking For

Author: MelBivDevoe

I will freely admit that I have total hair color envy. I have always wanted gloriously shiny, deep red hued hair - cherry or burgundy, it doesn't matter. Unfortunately, I'm as brown as brunette gets, so I rely on hair dye to achieve the look I want.

Another thing I will admit? I'm a bit of a spaz when it comes to dyeing my hair. I've been dyeing it since high school, and my poor mother could tell you horror stories about my experiences - the towels I've ruined, the countless smears of dye on the tub and/or sink, the clothing I've accidentally colored along with my hair. So when I heard about the latest trend in hair coloring, the foaming dye, and its no-drip promises, well, I knew I had to try it.

I chose John Frieda's Precision Foam Hair Colour (the extra "u" is for "urbane") for two main reasons: one, I'm a fan of John Frieda's other products, and two, it had a gorgeous Deep Cherry Red that I wanted to try. The instructions were very easy to follow, and those no-drip claims? Totally true. The dye foams as you pump it and goes on thicker than regular hair dye. In a matter of minutes, I had worked my long, thick hair into a lather and piled it on top of my head - no clips necessary to hold it in place (I have discolored several hair clips in my lifetime). And no drips on my shirt, any towels, or the sink! It was fabulous. Another plus - I only had to use one box of dye. Normally, I use two boxes for my ridiculously thick hair, but there was more than enough foam from one box to cover my entire head.

Now, because I am a total spaz, I did manage to get a smear of dye on our cabinets. But that wasn't due to dripping product. No, that was due to me forgetting I had gloves on and opening one of the doors. So that was totally user error, not a product defect!

As for the color, it's a very rich deep red brown. When I first dried my hair after dyeing, I thought it looked more brown than red, but it was just bad lighting in my apartment. When I stepped out into the sunlight, the red really blazed through. And after the first wash, the red came out more. It's been almost 6 weeks now and my hair is still a lovely deep red. The dye has left my hair feeling silky, not dried out or straw-like as some dyes have. And yes, it does have a bit of a typical hair chemical smell, but that fades after the first wash.

Precision Foam Hair Colour is available at most drugstore retailers like Target and cosmetics stores like Ulta. It's usually in the ten to fifteen dollar range, but if you click on the John Frieda link to the product above, you can find a coupon being offered by the company. I definitely recommend Precision Foam for anyone looking into foaming hair color - just be aware that this is a permanent color system, not a semi-permanent or temporary color.

Like with any other dye, make sure you follow the instructions closely, especially if you have previously treated hair (like bleached, permed, etc.). And don't forget Kolby's Hot Tip about using petroleum jelly as a safeguard against a dye halo - this stuff doesn't drip, but the jelly still helps you outline your hairline and prevent smears.

Rating: 8/8 tentacles

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  1. This came at just the right time. This is my color of choice too, but because I have thick hair and am also a spaz, I usually end up paying someone to dye it. HOWEVER, I am poor, so this only happens about twice a year. And the rest of the time I go around saying, "I really need to dye my hair."

    Good to know that one box does the job! My hair is thick and just about to my shoulders, so I think it should work out fine.