Monday, September 12, 2011

Hot Tip - Home Coloring 'Halo' Prevention

Nothing is worse than the utter defeat you can sometimes feel at the prospect of coloring your hair at home. Those patient, hand-drawn ladies never get sore arms, never near-asphyxiate from the smell, and never ever run far past the allotted 20 minutes application time that threatens to turn your 'new look' into Bride of Frankenstein.

No matter what they do to try to improve your home-made experience, they never seem to anticipate the utter quagmire your bathroom - and yes YOU - can become while in the midst of your panicky, stinky gloopdown.

But lighten up!

Kolby reminds us that it's all in the preparation - and even if you don't magically achieve the perfect color - at least your forehead doesn't have to look like it's dirty, or like you've become allergic to having hair!

Lay a swipe of vaseline or other petroleum jelly product along your hairline to prevent the drip-down effect from creating a permanent hippie headband on your face - and know that things will look brighter the next time around!

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