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MiniReviews: Boo's Top Five Face Care Products I Can't (and Refuse to) Live Without

Author: Boo

Welcome to a little thing I like to call Boo's Top Five. I started this uber popular feature on my blog a while back, and thought I'd bring the thunder to this here Hot Ink rink. So, sit back and enjoy the first of many...

Boo's Top Five Face Care Products I Can't Won't Live Without!

Eminence Sun Defense Minerals: I am not a powder or foundation girl. In fact, I barely wear makeup at all unless I have an important meeting or a big night out. But the thing I put on my face every single day as a fair skinned freckly woman with skin cancer in my family is this amazing sunscreen powder. It comes in various shades--I use the "translucent" shade (#0) since I don't really want to look like I'm wearing makeup, and it really works. Upsides: It is SPF 30, water resistant, and feels SO much better than face lotion with SPF (which feels thick and unbreathable). Downsides: Expensive! Seriously: it's over $50. (But, as a caveat, it has lasted FOREVER. One tube for me lasts almost an entire year, and that is with daily application.)

Rating: 6/8 tentacles (because of EXPENSIVE!)

Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil: Antioxidants! Paraben-free! Hydrating! Oh my! Coming from a lip balm slore (read: ME), this is my fave fave fave! It is not addicting, as in, once you start using it you can't stop because it actually dries out your lips. Not this little pretty, no no no. It is wonderful. Smooth, good smelling, full of goodness, and made by one of my favorite body product companies, good ol' Burt's Bees! (Born in my hometown, Asheville, NC, y'all!) It is so good. I buy them in threes because I use it more than anything else in my life. Also, I'm partial to threes.

Rating: 8/8 tentacles! Yes I did!

St. Ives Apricot Scrub: How is it that I'm 83 and I look 41? This little baby right here. I've been using this fab fab fab face exfoliant almost daily for going on 10 years, and it's the reason that I don't look like the heavy drinker that I used to be. It is, again, paraben free (I can't express strongly enough how important this is, ladies), super inexpensive, made from actual apricot pits, and makes my skin glow every time I use it. In fact, this is one of those CostCo/Sam's Club kind of purchases, because you can get 5 of them in a pack. I have pretty much converted every boyfriend/girlfriend I've ever had over to this little face care regimen, so if you're looking for a way to make your wo/man look younger, this is the big winner!

Rating: 8/8 tentacles! It is THAT GOOD.

Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil is the best blemish treatment I have yet to come across. (In this case, it doesn't really matter what brand you buy, because tea tree oil is pretty standard across the board.) I use it on everything from zits, pimples, and blackheads, to cuts, burns, scratches, and insect bites. It is a natural antiseptic oil, so it kills the bacteria that creates blemishes in particular. It also has a drying effect, which helps pull the oil from that area of the skin. If you have sensitive skin, I recommend diluting it a bit in water, but because I am a cavewoman, I use it straight up. It goes with me wherever I travel, and it works almost overnight. (Also, for you home remedy addicts out there, it is WAY better to use than toothpaste. Don't do that anymore. Just...don't.)

Rating: 6/8 tentacles (because it has a fairly strong odor)

Boots Botanics Organic Face Moisturizing Eye Cream: Oh fear not, those of ye who fear the feet! Crow's feet, that is. I have a FAB.U.LOUS product for you! Enter stage left: Boots Organic Eye Cream. This stuff is really fantastic, especially for an eye cream. I've tried many eye creams from companies I truly love (I'm looking at YOU, Burt's Bees), and have been underwhelmed at best, and disgusted at worst. This stuff is organic, paraben free (CAN'T stress enough how important that is), and best of all, less that $15!!! I use it every morning and every night, and it never feels greasy. My eyes look refreshed, the skin is flexible and smooth, and it makes me feel wonderful! There is no better way to fight aging, in my opinion, that taking good care of that gorgeous mug, so do yourself a favor and invest in this little bottle right away. Your 60 year old face—when you get there—will thank you. (A quick FYI: this does nothing for puffiness. It is solely a moisturizer.)

Rating: 8/8 tentacles of course!!!

Enjoy healthy skin, ladies!

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