Monday, February 11, 2013

Wake Me Up When It's Spring, Please


I bet many of you were hibernating during Winter Storm Nemo, though probably not by choice.  Storms like that are precisely why we moved south, although I do miss the joy of a good snow day every now and then.  Check out the snowfall totals and pics of the storm here.  (USA Today)

Pinky shared this link recently and I think it's worthy of passing on.  If you've ever wanted to volunteer your time but feel you don't have much to give, this site is perfect for you - it lists "microvolunteering" ideas that you can do from home.  (Help From Home)

I knew Lay's was holding a contest to create a new flavor of potato chip, but I didn't realize they'd started making the finalists already.  Here are three flavors that have already hit some shelves around the country.  I will just stick to the salt & vinegar chips, thanks.  (Laughing Squid)

Here's some macabre (and expensive) bling, just in time for Valentine's Day.  I dig it.  But do the joints move or do you have to hold your hand like that while you wear it?  (Geeks Are Sexy)

If you missed this week's "The Simpsons" episode due to the Grammy's, you missed Benedict Cumberbatch as Professor Snape in a send-up of "Love, Actually."  Yeah.  But you can catch the scene here, thanks to Entertainment Weekly.  (EW)

Speaking of the Grammy's, it's been years since I cared about the actual awards - I watch for the performances and the outfits.  Why do I not care about the awards?  Have you seen the list of legendary performers who have never won?  (BuzzFeed)

Look, I don't like kids blowing out birthday cake candles and getting spittle all over the yummy icing, either, but this seems a bit silly.  (The Frisky)

In need of a delicious dessert idea for Valentine's Day?  Try one of these 25 mouth-watering recipes.  (Real Simple)

I guess redemption is possible for anyone - even a nasty boy.  (Hark! A Vagrant)

Gah, I HATE this ad campaign from Playtex for feminine wipes.  Feminine wipes and their partners-in-crime, feminine douches, are NOT good for your ladybits.  Period.  Advertisers and product manufacturers, stop trying to make us feel bad about our body parts!!  (The Gloss)

Finally, there's a cure for hipster, the greatest scourge of this generation.  

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