Thursday, February 7, 2013

How Do I Love Thee Craft Projects, Let Me Count They Ways


I love lists.  Top ten movies, to do's, reasons to give high fives (I'm with Barney of HIMYM, consolation fives should be a thing).  However, there is no list I like better then a list of different cool things you can do with a simple object.

The focus of today's links are folks that are not so much crafters, but magicians, transforming things in front of your eyes into things you never even dreamed of.  Well, maybe you dreamed of it, maybe you have very crafty dreams.  But still, these folks are impressive.

Oh and there's some cute Valentine's day ideas and life hacks thrown in, because I think you're swell.

35 ways to wear a scarf.  I may never wear a shirt as a shirt again. (Knot Just a Scarf)

50 crafts from the humble cereal box. (Saved By Love Creations)

Life hacks that will change your life. Seriously! The cat one is especially brilliant. (Bored Panda)

Super cute, totally over the top crystal pendant necklace. Aka perfect! (Honestly wtf)

Rule of thumb measurements for home décor.  Great rules to use, or break, in order to make your space more pleasing to the eye. (Driven By Decor)

This message in a bottle idea would be a super cute Valentines Day Gift. (Etsy Blog)
18 great idea for all of us with piles of scraps we that are “too good to throw out”.  I mean all of you.  I don’t hoard scraps *whistles while walking away*. (The New Home Ec)

An adorable and easy vintage buttons necklace. (Kreativnostivana)

20 awesome doll patterns to sew. (See Kate Sew)

Super sappy but adorable (and crazy cheap) valentine’s t-shirts.  Would also be great BFF shirts for kids. (Dollar Store Crafts)

Easy and cute wire heart earrings. (Wobisobi)

Since it's the time of year we celebrate what we love the most, here's a video that unites what I love the most: No sew crafts and comfy loungewear.

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